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"I came to see Dr. Yu in relation to chronic fatigue. I was tired all the time, had little focus at work, and felt completely drained. I saw several doctors who didn't have any answers for my problem and when I almost gave up I read an article about the benefits of acupuncture. Somewhat reluctant, I went to see Dr. Yu, at the recommendation of a family friend. I am very happy I did. After about 10 acupuncture sessions I started to feel better, and within two months I regained my energy and focus. I liked Dr. Yu for his caring manner, patience and honest approach. I recommended him to my family and friends without hesitation."
                                                                                             Jasmine L. - March, 2009


"I had a car accident 6 months ago, and was left with severe neck pain, radiating up the head, and down the shoulder. I was on strong painkillers that certainly helped with the pain, but didn't help with the root cause. I did physiotherapy and that alleviated the pain to some extent, however, it wasn't until I saw dr. Yu that my pain went away completely. He used electro-acupuncture, cupping, and tuina, which is a kind of massage, in order to disperse the stagnation that was contributing to the pain. After the first 4 sessions I was able to cut down on the painkillers, and 1 month later I felt almost completely recovered. During the first month I saw dr. Yu twice weekly, and afterwards once every week for two more months. I am happy to say that I have no residual pain and that I haven't taken any painkillers in the last couple of months. Thank you, dr. Yu!"
                                                                                                     Daniel T. - May, 2008


"A dermatologist had been treating me for alopecia using cortisone for 1 year without success. I came to see Dr. Yu for shoulder pain and mentioned the bald spot on my head to him; Dr. Yu said he could treat my hair loss. He began acupuncture treatments 2 times a week, it was not painful. Dr. Yu did everything he could to make me feel comfortable while having the treatments. Within a month, I noticed my hair was growing back. Both Dr. Yu and I were so excited because my hair was growing back faster than he expected. After only 2 months treatment my hair growth had been restored."

                                                                                        Catalina S. - March 17, 2007


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