Unknown Hair Loss Healed Miraculously / 不明脫髮 奇蹟治愈

Michael is generally a healthy guy. He works out at gym 3 times a week and also plays soccer in an amateur club. He has a good career, and is happily married. The only not so healthy habit is cigarette. He smokes occasionally for many years.

One day when he woke up he found many hair on his pillow. He was shocked. He touched his head, and he was terrified finding his hair fell in bundles.

Panicked, he hurried to the hospital seeking treatment. The doctors suggested injected hormone therapy ASAP to stop the hair falling. He agreed and took the injections. However, two weeks after the treatment, his hair still fell as much. The balding area on his scalp was expanding day by day. His hair felt like loosely glued to his skin and they kept falling. He became very stressful---in his early 40’s no stress caused his hair loss, but the hair loss made him more stressful than ever.

TCM Comes to the Rescue

Michael found Doctor Yu through google search. He came to meet Doctor Yu in December, one month after his present situation greatly changed.

Doctor Yu had a thorough check about Michael’s condition: the scalp were all slightly swelled and all his hairs were only lightly attached to the skin, falling upon touching. It seemed not skin problem. The cause was not stress, nor sleep disorder. In contrast, the hair loss actually caused stress. Therefore, Doctor Yu concluded it was associated with the immune system ( Alopecia areata ). The immune cells were attacking normal cells of his hair follicles, so the follicles swelled, causing the hair loss.

Therefore Michael needed to be treated to pacify his over-acting immune system. The process usually takes one to one and a half months, but for him it would be around two months. Doctor Yu gave him Pro Hair I to be taken three times per day, as well as the Six Flavor Rehmanni. Michael also took acupuncture treatment three times per week in the first month, to save as much hair as possible. After four weeks, Michael’s hair stopped falling and the swelling on the scalp also stopped. Thus the most crucial part of the treatment succeeded.

One week before the chinese new year (Feb 5) this year, Michael went to China to spend time with his family. At that time his hair just started to recover ( Fig 1). The hair was weak and thin. The color was almost transparent---not even white. However Doctor Yu said the hair already started to regrow, so no more treatment was needed. He just needed to take the medicine as scheduled. From then on he just take the pro hair 1 instead of visiting doctor Yu’ s clinic.


In June Michael visited the clinic again.He happily showed off his thick and black new hair. These newly grown hair were strong and thick (Fig 2)., even better then what he had before the hair loss.

Fig. 2

Doctor Yu also gave him some further suggestions: avoid stress, sleep well, and moderation in sexual activities.

Diseases caused by immune system are usually very hard to cure. For the same reason, hair loss caused by such reason is also tough case which may become recurrent. However Doctor Yu’s treatment plan has worked well on many patients.

Michael 是一個健康向上的人,每天都熱衷於健身,還是一個業餘足球俱樂部的球員。工作穩定,夫妻恩愛,家庭和睦,除了抽了多年煙,沒有其他不良嗜好。








需要治療一段時間,讓亢進的免疫力弱下來。一般來說這樣的症狀會在1到1.5個月可以控制住,估計他得多需要半個月的時間。于醫師為他制定治療方案,于博士特效生发宝1号Pro Hair 1,每天3次,同時口服六味地黃丸。為了能盡快有療效,于醫師要求他第一個月,每週三次治療,這樣的治療頻率很重要,可以保留住一些沒死去的頭髮。患者很配合,治療3到4週,頭髮就不掉了,水腫消失,免疫系統安靜下來,其實這一步是不容易做到的。








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