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How Fifty Years of Hair loss is Cured | 将近50年的脱发烦恼,全靠这个就治好了!

How Fifty Years of Hair loss is Cured

Hair loss varies from case to case, yet hair loss do bring great suffering, both physical and mental to the patients, regardless of age, gender, and ethnic groups. This week I even received a phone call from a 90 years old senior asking about his hair loss condition. So far he was the oldest patient we ever had. The record before was 78 years old. Therefore I answered cautiously to the 90 years old gentleman, the I could try it---I never had previous experience of similar cases as his, but I believe things could be altered, in theory. The mother of one of my father’s friend even had black hairs grown out after adjustment to a healthy diet consists of fish and corns.

The Yu’s Nature Hair Regrowth Program started 5 years ago. Three years ago, the ProHair products received the NPN and were widely welcomed in Canada, the USA, China, and around the world. It has cured numerous patients of different hair loss types including many difficult cases. Here are some cases that I would like to share:

Case I. 46 years of repetitive alopecia and hair loss

A lady had suffered from hairloss for 46 years. The condition has repetitively strike her, and left many separate bald areas on her head. All the hair has become thinner too. Her forehead area was especially serious and her condition became worse due to anxiety. I applied acupuncture treatment on her and let her take prohair I, as well as suggesting her on a better diet and lifestyle. After 15 sessions, her hair loss finally stopped and new hairs started to grow, even on a skin that had been bald for 46 years. Her white hair had also become less and less. (This lady left a Google Review).

Case II. Female Hair Loss

A lady in her 60’s had Androgenetic Alopecia for nearly 40 years. Her husband, being a doctor himself, had helped her to see many ote doctors, without significant improvement on the condition. Since April last year, she had been coming to my clinic. In two months her husband saw the difference, and later her daughter found out too. In just about five months, her improvement became obvious to everyone around her.

Case III. Alopecia Totalis

A lady in her 50’s started seeing me in August 2018. She had large oval shaped bald areas all around her head. She was introduced by one of my student. Her job was very busy, leading to lack of sleep, leading to serious Alopecia Totalis. This condition is an autoimmune disease yet it was under control after three sessions. She later started to take ProHair I, and she had a large amount of hair grew out after only a month. She kept receiving acupuncture and taking ProHair I, and she was 100% cured after one and a half month, in which she received 22 sessions of treatments.

Successful Cases of only taking ProHair products were numerous:

---Ms.R, in her late 20’s was a gradutate student. Lab work, stress, and insomnia striked her. Her hair loss and insomnia got much better after taking ProHair I.

---Mr.Liu, a chinese international student, also suffered from serious hair loss due to stress in study and life. After taking Pro Hair I, he fully recovered.

---Mr.X, university student suffering from serious hair loss, back pain, and large amount of hair oil extraction. After taking ProHair III his hair loss stopped and back pain was much relieved.

---Mr.Z, serious hair loss in combination with insomnia and stress. After two month take ProHair I, the hair loss was reduced to only 30 pieces of hairs per day.

---Mr.L, SFU international. Serious hair loss, much hair oil. Hair become very thin and soft from top of head to hairline, capable of all by just touching it. After taking Hair Loss III for 2 weeks, his parents found ourt the significant improvements. Now his hair started to regrow after only a month.

We sincerely welcome all who has hair loss problems. Let Doctor Yu help you to solve the problem and restore your hair.





五年前我的于氏脱发再生工程(Yu's Nature Hair Regrowth Program)开始全面形成,尤其三年前ProHair 系列产品获得加拿大卫生部批号后,迅速得到社会认可,产品已从加拿大销售到美国,中国等世界各地,这一套完整的治疗方案给各类脱发病人带来了福音。一大批脱发顽症得到彻底治疗。我也因此能够帮到很多病人而开心,下面有写几个具体病例给大家借鉴一下:



刘易斯,女士,反复脱发46年了,发作过很多次,头上有多块的斑秃。全头的头发都开始变细,前额头的皮肤都露出来了。由于家庭因素,患尿路感染,很焦虑,用了很多抗生素(伤肾),加上焦虑,又加重了脱发。于博士为她针灸治疗并服用于博士特效生发宝1号prohair1,并给予饮食指导和生活指导,15次后,脱发已经止住了,而且开始出现新头发。连一块秃了46年的硬币大的头皮,都开始长新头发了。现在每次她的发型师帮她做头发时,都发现头发越来越好,连白头发都变少了。现在她的头发已经重新长出来了,她身边的所有人都惊叹她的头发的漂亮。(此病人在Google review上有留言)








  • R,女,28,年轻美国大学研究生,实验室工作,压力大,失眠,服用ProHair1之后制止住了恼人的脱发和失眠。

  • 刘姓中国留学生,UBC男生,独自在外,学习和生活的压力导致脱发严重,每天枕头上好多头发,让他很焦虑,通过服用Prohair1,有效治愈;

  • Mr.X,大学生,大量脱发,伴随大量头油,腰痛服用Prohair3后脱发停止,腰痛减轻;

  • Mr.Z:大量头发掉伴失眠焦虑,服用prohair1,2个月之后,过量脱发停止,每天只掉发在30根以内了;

  • Mr梁,SFU国际留学生,大量脱发,大量头油,前头从顶到发际线头发细软,一触及掉,服用Prohair3,两周后,视频时,他的父母已看出好转,现一个月,新头发开始长出。


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