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Moms Must Know---The Magical “Sticker” that Heals Cold and Cough of the Children | 妈妈须知----这种“胶布”可以轻

The spring and the fall are the two best seasons of vancouver, yet they have drawbacks---cough and cold are more easily contracted during these times due to rapid changing climate. This affect the children more than the adults. This is because the children are physically closer to each other in the school and kindergarten. One child gets sick, and the germ can easily spread. Therefore a kindergarten cold and cough epidemic can result in many children get sick together---cough and running nose are least, bad appetite, fever, or even pneumonia may occur too.

I have three children and I have many year of experience in dealing with their coldness symptoms. In the past years I have tried multiple methods including TCM herbal soups, regular medicine (including anorectal drug), and blood letting puncture, etc.. Eventually I found out a most efficient method that can quickly relief the pain from the children (not including the high fever, which sees fast relief from blood letting needle puncture). Today I want to talk the method that is most useful dealing with regular coldness---the magical “sticker”.

The magical sticker has the following unique traits:

  1. No Pain, No Itchiness: simply stick these “stickers” to the correct acupuncture points, namely the feiyu, the fengmen, and the dazhui. The children will feel nothing uncomfortable. In fact they would usually accept this quickly. I have tried these “stickers” on my children, and the effects are outstanding. These “stickers” also work on adults.

  1. Fast Relief: these “stickers” can be used effectively in all the stages of coldness. In the early stage they can relief the symptoms quickly and in the mid or late stage they also work well. In fact they work even better with long lasting coldness.

So what exactly are these “stickers”? In fact these are not just stickers---they are attached to a micro acupuncture needle. These micro needles are special tiny needles for acupuncture. It was usually used on ears. Several years ago I started to use it on body acupuncture points. These stickers are made with surgical grade materials thus it can be sticked firmly to the body for 3 to 7 days, greatly improving the effectiveness. Using them on children with coldness, can usually heal without taking medicine or shots.

As a doctor and a father of three, I would like to announce this finding to the public. I hope more doctors can use this finding on patients, so less parents would be troubled by their children’s coldness.

The last word---during the coldness, please let the children stop consuming red meat or fish, otherwise the symptom may get worse.





1 不疼不痒



2 见效奇快


  • 初期使用,症状可以快速消失;

  • 中晚期使用同样有效;

  • 过期不愈的感冒效果更好。






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