Why You Should Never Give Up Fighting Hair Loss II / 这样的脱发都能治愈,你凭什么放弃(2)?

After the last article regarding acute hair loss were published, I received many phone calls of inquiry as well as a number of patients’ visits to my clinic. Work was busy and now I finally got sometime to write something.

First is some good news: two patients who have been seeing me for years, just wrote some good comments in my google review! Although I already have many reviews, approval from old friends is still great encouragement to me.

In the last article I mentioned a patient who got 13 cm by 13 cm acute hair loss area---he just sent me the picture after 2 weeks treatment----you may see the significant difference.

Today I want to talk about two cases:

1. Mr. Z, 30 years old, 2 years in Vancouver

Mr . Z started to lose beard after he arrived at Vancouver. His neck, chin, and side face developed a number of circular beard loss areas of various size. He tried get medical help but the condition was back and forth for the past two years. Recently he found himself under pressure, and the beard loss also got worse. No pictures were taken int he first visit. These pictures were taken in the 6th visit:

I found out that his skin on the beard areas were swelling and a little shinning. The skin was stretched and the patient felt a slight pain when the area is pressed. Therefore I diagnosed him as Alopecia. The medicine was Pro Hair I, 3 times daily and each time 4 capsules. In addition 2 sessions of acupuncture per week were recommended. In his 3rd visit, he felt the beard were no longer falling and the skin color on the beard areas were back to normal. On the 6th visit, the hair loss areas got much smaller, and thin beard were back.

Beard loss is a rare and unique situation of hair loss.

2. Mr. Zhang, 50 years old

Mr. Zhang had severe hair loss for two weeks. Many hairloss areas of various shape and size appeared on his head in a very short time. The head skin were also swelling, with press pain. Hair combing test resulted in hundreds pieces of hair falling.

His case was the most severe among all the hair loss patients in 2 years, caused by immune system problem. The plan I gave: Pro Hair I 3-4 times per day, 4 capsules per time, plus 2 to 3 sessions of acupuncture per week.

After two days, the patient came back. He told me that the hair loss had been getting much better---there were only a few hair left on the pillow and washing hair resulted in almost no loss of hair. After seven days, his hair loss stopped and new hair started to grow. (see pictures below)

My articles are just daily notes, therefore many past cases are not included. Based on the real events, I just want to show that, even everything else fails, our TCM may still make miracles dealing with hair loss.


自从上次写了关于急性脱发治疗的两个病例后,我接到了许多电话咨询,也要很多病人直接来诊所求治。由于家里最近很忙,直到今天才能坐下来写点儿东西。先说一个消息:我的两个老病人在Google Review留了几句评语----虽然我已经有了很多的评语,但是多年的老客人给予的肯定更让我暖心。感谢各位病友和对我的信任!








在检查时我发现,他胡须部分的皮肤浮肿,脱发区光亮,皮肤发紧且敏感略有痒痛。诊断为Alopecia的一种(全秃的特殊形式)。给予Pro Hair I(于博士特效生发宝1号)一瓶,每天三次,每次4粒,建议每周针灸治疗两次。三诊时,病人自觉胡须不再脱落,皮肤颜色也转向正常。到第六次,脱发区域明显变小,也长出了细小的须发。



张先生,近50岁。持续大量掉发两周,来诊时发现全头出现无数大小不一的不规则脱发区,头皮浮肿且有压痛。梳头试验一次掉发数百根,头发好像浮在头皮上一抓一把毫无阻力。这个病例是我两年来看到的最严重的脱发。这是无明显原因的免疫系统疾病造成的。我给出方案:Pro Hair I(于博士特效生发宝1号) 每天3-4次,每次服用4粒,每周就诊2-3次。



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