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Why You Should Never Give Up Fighting Hair Loss | 于博士行医手记——天哪!这样的脱发也能治愈?

From Aug 26 to Sept 6, I travelled to Europe for vacation. Just before I left, I saw two very special hair loss cases in my clinic.

Case 1:

A woman in her 40’s facing life crisis, was having a circular bald area on the back of her head. She did not find it at first. After her hair stylist found the bald spot, she had gone through many treatments, including hair regrowth gel, various kinds of shampoo, hormone injection, laser treatment etc.. However none of these were effective. Meanwhile her bald area continued to grew until it reached a rarely seen size of 3.5 inches in diameter. Her family doctor also gave up on her.

I observed that she had these conditions:

---a rarely big size of bald area, and it was growing;

---hair loss was also present on the other areas of her head. She lost about 300 hairs each day that she was afraid to comb her hair;

---she had much stress that she also had serious insomnia problem;

---she had limited fund to purchase medicine.

There fore, I gave her a Pro Hair I. She asked to pay the price after finding a job, and I agreed.

On Sept 14, this lady came back. Her condition had greatly improved that her bald area had grown new hair 1 cm in length all over. He also paid back her debt. I checked and was sure that her hair loss had fully covered----she lost only 1 hair after combing three times. She was very satisfied. However, her insomnia problem was still present so I suggest her to take 3 times daily the medicine instead of 2 times daily. Hopefully it could yield better results soon.

Case 2:

A women in her 50’s had circular bald areas of various size on the back, top and sides of her head. There were a few tiny, thin hair left on the bald areas. This patient was introduced to me by a student of mine. The patient’s hair loss condition had been there for over half a year. She had some treatments previously but there was no effect. After I gave three sessions of acupuncture treatment to her, she stopped showing up. To my surprise, she paid a visit after I returned from vacation, and it was good new. She took Pro Hair I consistently for three weeks and most of her bald areas had hair grown back, leaving only a few places on the edge of the bald areas. We were both very happy for this improvement.

Both the cases are serious hair loss that has lasted a long time. Both patients’ family doctors gave up and both of them recovered quickly after taking Pro Hair I. This shows how effective TCM medicines could be.





  1. 脱发面积大,有3.5x3.5英寸, 见下图。且仍然在不断扩大中;

  2. 头部其他部位也有大量散发性的脱发。每日脱发超过300根,病人不敢梳头;

  3. 病人压力很大,失眠很严重;

  4. 病人仍然处在财务危机中,看病买药的资金非常有限;

根据她的情况,我给了她一瓶Pro Hair I (生发宝1号),病人请求找到工作后再支付药物费用。我同意了。

9月14日,这位病人又回来,一是为了报喜,她的头发都长出来了;二是来还上次的药费。 这次看来她的脱发症状已经完全好了。试验梳头三次,竟只有一根脱发。脱发区域也长出了长1厘米的新发。病人很满意治疗的效果。因为她失眠的症状还有,我建议她将每天两次的用药量提高为每天三次。相信效果会更好。


女性,50岁左右,在头后部、顶部和侧部有多个大小不一的圆形脱发区。脱发区残存一些未掉光的细小毛发。这位病人是我学生介绍来的。她因为过于忙碌脱发,时间超过半年,也是经过一些治疗,可是没有效果。我给她针灸三次后,她就没有再出现。我度假回来后,她又来拜访。原来近三周时间内,她坚持服用Pro Hair I(生发宝1号),竟然大部分的脱发区都已经被新生头发覆盖,只有少数脱发区的边缘还没有长出头发。有这样的效果,我跟她都感到很高兴。

以上两个病例,都是脱发时间较长的严重脱发,都是被家庭医生放弃的疑难杂症,也都是服用Pro Hair I后迅速好转。由此可见中药的神奇疗效。

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