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Why are Herniated Discs not Healing---Some Tips to Notice | 腰椎间盘突出症因为这些才不能好

Among the chronic back problems, the herniated discs can cause the most pain and usually it takes the longest time to heal. Recently I encountered two cases.

First Case: A 60 years old man whose job is to carry and move heavy loads of meat in the cold storage in a supermarket. He needs to stay in the cold storage for a long time - sometimes more than 40 minutes. The main cause of his problem is overworking and the coldness. Another factor is the moisture. This is because the coldness causes the deficiency of the Yang, and the yang deficiency produces moisture; at the same time, frequent consumption of large amount of meat also leads to moisture. His main symptoms are pain in the lower left waist from the hips, and radiation to the lower limbs, calves, and outside of the feet. He had seen other doctors over ten times before coming to me. Despite his previous treatments, his condition did not improve and he walked awkwardly. After my first treatment here, his symptoms got a little better, and his walking improved. To my surprise, after the second treatment, and when he came for the third treatment the next day, his symptoms were obviously worse. His started hobbling again and even could not lie on his back. He was in great pain until I let him lie down and inserted a needle in the back to relieve the pain. Later I learned that after the second treatment, he did two more things by the suggestion of some other people: one was to sleep on a hard wood board, and the other was to exercise. I told him that these two things are the cause of the worsening of his condition: the hard board can not support the back properly, thus increasing the pressure on his spine; exercising in the acute phase can also lead to increased spine disc pressure and aggravate the condition.

A woman in her 40s had pain in the right hip for two months. She used to treat it as piriformis syndrome many times in another clinic. Later she saw my articles and turned to seek treatment from me. At first she was restless when she was awaiting treatment and could only sit on a half of her buttocks. After the examination, I found that her entire right hip showed a blackish color, which was caused by excessive acupuncture. She told me that the previous doctor used to have more than a dozen needles on the right hip and the symptoms were just slightly relieved. After the right hip is significantly darker than the left hip, the piriformis muscle is swollen. Later I came to the conclusion that the cause was herniated discs. I gave her acupuncture treatment, combined with TCM formula. After a month, her problem was significantly improved even she was working extensively during the month. She could walk better and felt better too. The reason why she could not be cured in the early stage was that the first diagnosis was incorrect and so she was not given proper treatment and advice, resulting in chronic problems.

From the above cases, we can see that in addition to normal treatment, doctors have a key role in advising the patient's life and work. In addition, the mental state, the weather, and excessive rest (yes, rest) are also important factors that cause lumbar disc herniation – we will talk about it next time.






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