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These workout ways may cause a worse pain | 这样锻炼,只能越练越痛

Some bad workout habits may make your pain getting worse and cause some health problems:

I. Swimming Pool

Most community center has a pool. Most pool comes with a hot tub and steam room. Pool, hot tub, and steam room is a common routine for many people. Many are doing this way:

——Go to steam room right after swimming, and then go swimming right after steam room. Such cycle may be repeated.

——Cold water shower right after steam room or hot tub.

——Walking with bare feet right after steam room or hot tub.

From a TCM point of view, all these above actions may cause the coldness to enter the body, causing all kinds of pain, such as foot pain, knee pain, neck pain or other pain in the joints. Some may further developing cold, fever or even pneumonia or nephritis. I have seen such cases in my practice.

Here is my personal experience: many years ago, when I was working in Russia, I was invited by a nurse to his house in the countryside in a holiday. His son Alex, of several years senior to me, wanted to show me the “Authentic Russian Sauna Style”: Steam till very sweaty, then immediately jump into cold water pool. Came up and whip the whole body with tree branches till the skin turns red. Then steam again, and roll on the snow. Then whip with branches again... I was a little scared so I did not follow him. And poor Alex, turns out to be only a second timer doing it, had a bad fever for many days...

II. Hot Yoga

Yoga is so popular in Vancouver, that the best Yoga clothing is made in this city. Hot Yoga is a unique one---it is done at 33 to 40 degrees. At this hot temperature, the body will extract large amount of sweat, feeling relaxed. However the problem is many people are doing it too often, even on a daily basis, for 1 to 2 hours each time. This will cause problems. In TCM theory, sweat and blood is considered of the same origin. Sweat also carries the “Qi”, and over-sweating will damage the “heart”. Sweating too much will lose large amount of sodium from the body, causing fatigue. Eventually it will accumulate to cause palpitation.

I had a male patient who was a big fan of steam room and hot yoga that he did on a daily basis. I warned him the risk but he did not follow. After two years, until he had to see cardiology doctor, he finally listened to what I said. Now he is doing hot yoga on a controlled schedule and he is recovering. He is also recovering from knee and back pain, which were also related to his past habits.

There are many other issues to talk about regarding effects of improper exercise. I will continue next time.





















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