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Understand the Real Cause of Your Hair Loss, Targetedly Solve it|脱发烦恼真不用愁,了解病理,从根本治疗脱发!

Dealing with hair loss damages your self-esteem, and a lot of us shy away from openly discussing hair struggles fearing embarrassment. However, you are not the only one who is struggling with hair loss, nor do you have to feel alone. Pro Hair products are here to help every step of the way on your journey to achieving healthy and luxurious hair.

Find what triggered your symptoms, cure it from the root of the problem.

Type 1 - Rapid hair loss with both women and men.

Are you suffering from rapid hair loss due to stress or a sudden traumatic event? We have the right product for you!

Did you know that stress can cause blood vessels underneath your scalp to twist and swell with water? Poor blood circulation prohibits your hair roots from receiving nutrients to stay healthy which leads to blocked arteries, meaning that water will start to fill in, forcing the hair roots to fall off at an unusual pace.

Sleep is another cause of hair loss, anxiety is often accompanied by hair loss and cause hair loss.

Dr. Yu after 26 years of exploration, uses the combination of traditional Chinese formula and modern research results, successfully created in the Pro Hair 1 formula, Approved by Health Canada. Pro Hair 1 is also the most popular product of Dr. Yu's Formula. Pro Hair 1 improves the health of your hair by boosting your immune system, provides relief for your anxiety, helps sleeping disorders and constant nervousness. A combination of American ginseng, Ren shen, Zinc, and other traditional Chinese Medicine ingredients that treats stress and anxiety were incorporated into Pro Hair 1.

With these incredible benefits, it is proven that results can be seen after consuming one bottle of Pro Hair 1! Get this now if you want to stop hair loss immediately!

Type 2 - Slow Hair Growth and Thin Hair That Breaks Apart Easily, Especially For Women

Are your hands and feet swollen or cold due to bad blood circulation? Pro Hair 2's incredible formula is specifically targeted for women (and men) who suffer from slow hair growth and thin hair that breaks apart easily.

Such patients commonly have slim body, physical weakness, cold hands and feet, such as women may have irregular menstruation. The product from all aspects to strengthen the patient's physique, immunity and to ensure that the body nutrition to enhance hair and scalp blood circulation.

Traditional Chinese medicine ingredients such as Shu Di Huang, Dang Gui, He Shou Wu, Ge Gen, Bai Zi Ren, Nu Zhen ZI, Mo Han Lian, and Hei Dou along with other traditional Chinese medicine ingredients to enhance physical fitness, improve hair and promote hair growth and scalp blood cycle.

Type 3 - Oily Scalp And Hair Loss

Do you deal with oily scalp and hair loss at the same time? If so, then Pro Hair 3 will be the solution for your struggles. This product will not only take care of the health of your hair but also your immune system to control steady oil distribution across your scalp and hair roots.

Too much of anything is bad and nutrients are no exceptions.Excessive nutrients in your scalp can cause hair loss. A good oil balance throughout your hair is key in keeping your hair intact. Hair follicles can fall apart if there is an excessive oil build up in your scalp. Genetics, type of food you consume, and irregular sleeping patterns all distribute to oily scalp.

This symptom can often be caused by seborrhea - excessive oily skin more common amongst men than women between the age of 20 - 50+. Hair loss due to seborrhea can be overwhelming and scary to handle. Instead of depending on harsh chemicals Pro Hair 3 uses various Chinese medical herbs to minimize hair loss from seborrhea!

你有脱发的症状吗?阅读下方寻找属于你的脱发原因,对症下药。加拿大于博士特效生发宝系列(Dr. Yu's Formula Pro Hair)产品会让你重新拥有茂密的头发!

于博士特效生发宝1号Pro Hair 1: 专治快速的、大量的脱发



于博士经过近30年的摸索,合理地将中国传统配方和现代的研究成果相结合,成功的体现在于博士特效生发宝1号 Pro Hair 1的配方里,是生发宝系列的拳头产品。于博士特效生发宝1号 Pro Hair 1也是于博士特效生发系列的最受欢迎的产品,他的主要功能是帮患者快速停止极速脱发,和因为各种精神因素造成的脱发。同时可以明显提高服药者的免疫力,睡眠,及抗压力的能力。

于博士特效生发宝2号Pro Hair 2:专治头发稀疏,发质弱薄特别是女性

于博士特效生发宝2号的配方主要针对患有头发生长缓慢和头发变薄,及头发根容易断裂裂的人士。此类患者体型偏瘦、体质虚弱、手脚发冷、如女性可能会有月经不调。该产品从全方面加强患者的体质、免疫力以及保证身体营养来增强发质和头皮血液流通。ProHair 2将熟地黄,当归,何首乌,葛根,柏子仁,女贞子,墨旱莲,黑豆等传统中药成分纳入创新的完美的处方来增强体质、改善头发发质、并促进头发生长及头皮血液循环。

于博士特效生发宝3号Pro Hair3:专治皮脂溢导致的脱发

你拥有油性皮肤脱发吗?如果是这样,那么于博士特效生发宝3号Pro Hair 3将成为您斗争脱发的解决方案!


于博士特效生发宝3号Pro Hair 3使用各种中药材,针对20岁-50岁之间头油分泌过多的人士设计,以减少头油的分泌,促进身体对油脂的合理运用,而达到拯救发囊的目的,如果早期使用及配合外用的于博士特效养发生发液及梅花针叩打,可达到生发的目的。

无论你有何种原因引起的脱发问 题,

于博士都有一个安全有效的,解 决 方 案!


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