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How important is Zinc? How can it affect Hair Loss? Dr. Yu's Explaination is Here I 锌到底有多重要?对脱发有

Zinc is one of the most important minerals in the human body. Although only a small amount is needed (only 100mg per day), it is vital to sustain function of our body. It can also facilitate our metabolism, immune function, and cell function.

Zinc is also essential to the reproductive and sexual function. The men’s semen contains zinc and the lack of zinc will drop the sexual desire, the quality of sperm, the level of testosterone, and weaken the immune system. For women, the lack of zinc will decrease the blood flow to the uterus, resulting in infertility, and cause the skin, nail, and hair become dull and lose elasticity.

Many years ago I read a study report. According to the report, hair loss patients’ soft and thin hair has less than normal zinc, but their blood contains normal level of zinc. Does this suggest zinc has something to do with hair loss?

The answer is yes. 90% of the zinc in the human body stay in the muscle and the bone and the rest 10% is in the blood. The zinc level in the blood cannot be lowered as it is essential to support the body’s function. Therefore, if the zinc in the blood is not enough, the muscle and bone will supply the blood zinc. Hair is not essential to support the body’s function, therefore the zinc hair will also be drawn to support the blood when there is not enough zinc in the blood. Once the zinc level in the hair drops, the hair will become thin and soft.

Meanwhile, excessive zinc level can also be harmful. It will cause human body to loose the equilibrium, affecting the level of cholesterol, and increase the chance of getting Cerebrovascular (the brain’s blood vessel) problems.

So, what is a best solution? Rebuilding a balanced system is the answer. If ones system is balanced, then he absorb enough Zinc from food, while extract excessive zinc. This is also TCM’s fundamental idea----the balancing of Yin and Yang. The zinc’s balancing depends first on the kidneys, then the liver. According to TCM theory, the liver is essential to the bone, the reproduction, urination, and defecation. Therefore, if the kidney is weakened, the bone and the reproduction will be affected. The result is the insufficient intake of zinc, and worsening of the overall health including the hair. Liver, on the other hand, is also important organ for the body to intake nutrients. Stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc., would all affect the liver’s function, and cause the loss of balance, degrading the overall health.

In the traditional theory of TCM, the kidney and livers plays essential role in the growth of hair. In my practice, many hair loss patients also suffer from renal deficiency -- this may prove something.

Therefore, when we design the hair loss healing product, we consider the different types of hair loss of the different clients. The idea of balancing is practiced throughout the process by adding zinc to the formula, and adjusting the body’s function to stop hair loss and facilitate hair growth, restoring the health of hair. At the same time, our product can also help with overall health. Maybe that is why our products are effective.







什么是最佳解决方案?就是平衡机制。这样既可以从食物中摄取足够的锌,又可以排出过多的锌。这种机制就是中医最基本的观念——“阴阳平衡”。锌的平衡机制主要取决于肾,其次是肝。中医认为:肾主骨,主生殖,主大小便。如果肾功能减弱就会影响骨骼健康,生殖功能不足,导致的结果就包括锌元素的吸收不平衡,从而影响头发健康和身体其他部分健康。 肝也是影响人体吸收营养物质的关键脏器。中医认为压力、抑郁、焦虑、失眠等均会影响肝功能,使身体失去平衡,进而影响身体各部分的健康。



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