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Treating Hair Loss---Are You Using the Correct Herbs? I 治疗脱发,怎样选用中药才有效?

The herbs to treat hair loss are abundant in the ancient sources of Traditional Chinese Medicine. There are even records of white hair turned black. There are also many herbs that are well known to be effective to cure hair loss----the fleece flower root and the black sesame are the most famous two. Other medicines such as fructus ligustri lucidi (nu zhen zi), Yerbadetajo Herb, prepared rehmannia root, and goji berry are all commonly used. In addition, there are many prescriptions specially made for hair loss. The effects of TCM on hair loss is obvious, but in practice, not so many people find it effective. For example, many people use ginger to rub their bald spots on the heads and few of them have any effects. Some even have more hair loss after the treatment---why?

This is because the correct herb is not used. There are three main types of hair loss, and each type requires using correct herbs for the type---this is very crucial. Let’s talk about the three types one by one:

1. Rapid hair loss in a period of time (up to several years)

This type includes spot balding and full balding. This is usually related excessive stress within a short period. Therefore, fleece flower root and other nutritional herb are no use. To stop the hair loss effectively, this type requires treatment directly to the root of the problem.

According to my clinical experience, for rapid hair loss, herbs of soothing stress, strengthening body, and enhancing sleep are the best. Ginseng, American Ginseng, and Radix Bupleur are the best.

2. Hair become thin and soft

This kind of problem is a result of the malnutrition of hair. There fore we need herbs that can give more nutrients to the hair---in TCM these are the herbs that strengthen the liver and kidney. Fleece flower root, prepared rehmannia root, angelica sinensis (dang gui), hyssop, fructus ligustri lucidi (nu zhen zi), and goji berry are just some examples of these herbs. The doctor needs to combine them with different proportion to let the body better absorb it.

3. Too much head oil causing the hair loss

The key of this type is to quickly stop the extraction of hear oil. If not dealt with, the head oil would be stopped at the hair pore and become poisonous to the hair, causing serious dying of hair. For this kind of patients, their body usually can not well use the oil and they usually prone to the high cholesterol level at older age, which would further affect their health. Therefore, ginger, fleece flower root etc.. are not useful to them. In contrast, the oil-reducing herbs, such has chinese hawthorn, lotus leaf, red sage root, mulberry tree’s leaves, are more helpful. In case the patient has inherit problems, they need to also apply the liver and kidney strengthening herbs such as prepared rehmannia root and hyssop.

In general, each type of hair loss needs to use the herb that is most suitable. This can lead to another topic---why hair vitamin in the market are mostly not so effective, and we will talk about it later.

The TCM and its related products have been their for thousands of year. It will have a good result if one can choose the right method and herbs.





1. 一段时间内或几年内大量快速脱发:



2. 头发变细、变软、变稀薄:


3. 油脂较多的脱发:


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