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How I Cured 46 Years Old Spot Baldness and Hair Loss——In Two Month I 46年斑秃和脱发——两个月治愈!

I have been working as a doctor for over 27 years now---this time is longer than the age of most of my patients. Looking back, I see many happy moments, and the happiest moments are when patients were cured. The better and faster they recover, the more satisfied I am. Now what make me most satisfied is that Yu’s hair regrowth program, after several years of clinical practice, are helping hair loss patients having a much better and much faster recovery.

Recently I received a special patient. She had been suffering from hair loss for over 46 years. She started to develop spot baldness in her teens. Though she received many treatments and briefly recovered several times, the problem still kept coming back. Two years ago she started to develop bald spots 5-8 cm in diameter on her left forehead and top of the head. These bald areas were new and very obvious. In addition she also had several 46 years old smaller bald spots 1-2cm in diameter on the right temple and right fore head. At the same time her hair started to fall quickly. She were also suffering from insomnia, temporomandibular joints arthritis, tinnitus, and eczema---left over problems of her intensive jobs before retirement. Her case was not an easy case, because it was a mixture of many chronic problems. However, after I treated her according to Yu’s hair regrowth program for only three sessions, she told me the falling of her hair became much less. After six sessions, tiny thin hairs started to grow on the bald spots, and the falling of hair stopped. After twelve sessions, the thin hairs all became normal hairs, just a slightly shorter than other hair. Finally, two months later, healthy hair fully grew on all the bald spots, and there were no white hair at all among the newly grown hair. The hair color was a dark, healthy color, and the hair were quite thick too. To her surprise,, her other problem all improved: the temporomandibular joints arthritis were almost healed, the tinnitus problem and eczema became much better.

Why do the other problems become better when hair loss is treated properly? This is because hair loss, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, is a reflection of other problems in body. Therefore when we deal with the problem, we would not just concentrate on the problem itself, but we would also try to adjust the body to make other problems better. Therefore, hair loss treatment can also help with other problems of the body.



近期有一个饱受脱发困扰46年的病人,经人推荐来求治。这位病人从十多岁开始斑秃,经过多次治疗和多次复发。两年前,她的左前头额角,右头骨角下,头顶及左头项部又出现了5-8厘米大小不一的秃发区。这几个秃发区非常明显。另外还有四十多年前位于右颞部及前头偏右侧的数个1 x 2厘米大小的秃发区。同时全头的头发也开始大量脱落稀疏此外,病人还伴有失眠,入睡困难,下颌关节炎,长期耳鸣及皮肤湿疹等病症。病人以前工作时压力较大,目前已经退休。这是个比较困难的病例,是多年混合性脱发。我根据“于氏脱发再生方案”进行治疗,仅三次后病人就反馈说掉头发明显减少,平时基本不掉了。治疗六次后,脱发区开始可见有细发生成,同时全头的脱发都停止了。治疗十二次后,秃发区的细发全部发育成正常头发,只是稍短。再两个月后,新的秃发区和四十六年前的秃发区头发全部长出,而且新生的头发里完全没有白发,发色变深,头发变粗,各处均有新发生成。下颌关节炎基本康复,耳鸣明显减轻,皮肤炎症也有好转。


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