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Young Women's Hair Loss---Dr. Yu's Solution Let you Deal with It at Home I 年轻女孩掉头发怎么办?全面制止脱

Hair loss is a common problem and it can happen to everyone, even young women. It is a dreadful situation especially for young women, who would desperately searching for cure. They would try all possible ways --- massage, injection, topical syrup, hair nutrients, and more. However most of the time these methods seem not working so well. Therefore they would wear hat or use hair thickening powder to conceal it.

Indeed, hair loss especially in large quantity is a big problem---it is the sign of problems within. Unfortunately it is not easy for a doctor to find out the exact problems. Hair loss is a universal hard problem for all doctors and the methods that are there to treat the problem is also limited. This also applies to TCM doctors. Therefore clinics specialized in hair loss treatment is quite rare.

Actually, women’s hair loss can be effectively cured if the right method is used, especially for women between 16 and 35 years of age. Women of this age usually have great potential to grow much hair, therefore they can have exceedingly good result if the right method is used.

It is now the 27th year since I learned acupuncture treatment for hair loss. After I immigrated to Canada, through years of practice, I eventually developed my own hair loss treatment solution---the Yu’s Hair Regrowth Solution Program, including acupuncture, herbs, external use tincture, self treatment, and life style. The best part of the solution is that the patients can come to the clinic treatment as well as having self-treatment at home. This solution has been proved effective. It is particularly effective for serious hair loss which can usually see significant improvement within 2 to 3 months. Some patients themselves are also surprised by the good result.

Now, my special formula for hair regrowth --- the “Pro Hair” series, have received the NPN issued by Health Canada. The whole series is produced in Canada---good quality medicine and right method of treatment are the guarantee of good result.

If you live in Vancouver you may come to my clinic for hair loss treatment. Otherwise, you may find me on Facebook. Here is a video made by us, introducing the way to treat hair loss, and the general method of choosing the right medicine.

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Yu's Solution for Hair Regrowth






目前为止,我的脱发再生系特效药 Pro Hair (脱发宝)已全部获得加拿大卫生部颁发的健康和自然药物产品批号(NPN)。此系列产品均由加拿大生产。高质量的药物和恰当的治疗方案是疗效的保证。




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