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30-Year-Old and Losing Hair? Dr. Yu's Special Methods Help you Fight Hair Loss I 很多30岁前的男人,腰包渐鼓,

To many people’s surprise, men’s hair loss usually starts from the age of 20 to 30, and in most of the cases the hairline recedes starting from the corners of the forehead. The hair in the front of the head starts becoming thinner, looser, and shorter as the hair follicles eventually shrink. Soon the top of the head would start loosing hair and finally the balding section in the front and on the top connect to each other, and there is only a few significant hair left on the fontanel area.

This type of hair loss is called “seborrheic alopecia”---hair loss caused by excessive head oil extraction. This is a common type of hair loss among men. Hair loss greatly affect the appearance of men and it is usually not easy to find early sign of it so it is difficult to acquire preventive measures in time. This kind of hair loss usually develops rapidly. Most of the time it only takes several months to at most two years to start from very early, almost unnoticeable slight hair loss to serious symptom described above. In addition men of 20 to 30 years old are usually in their most important stage of life. They need to deal with problems of study, occupation, relationship, marriage, and family---all these important issues of life at the same time. Therefore they are always stressed out and once they find signs of hair loss they start desperately looking for cure. They would try all kinds of methods: shampoo, medicine, vegetable oil, vitamin, therapy comb...Unfortunately, most of the time it does not help much.

Based on my 26 years of experience in hair loss treatment, I would like to suggest these plans:

1. Oil-Control

Control of the head oil extraction is the key to cure seborrheic alopecia---it is a common knowledge among all doctors, including modern medicine doctors and TCM doctors. Modern medical science finds excessive oil extraction associated with excessive male hormone, so prescription of hormone control medicine is usually given. Traditional Chinese Medicine, on the other hand, considers oil a type of nutrients of the body. Therefore excessive head oil is due to the nutrients not being used properly by the body, and once it can be properly used, hair loss would stop creating opportunity for new hair to grow. In practice, acupuncture and traditional chinese herbal medications have been shown more effective.

2. Physical Stimulation

Physical stimulation is also a key to new hair growth. Sometimes, even after head oil is effectively reduced, many male patients still find the new hair grows slowly. This is possibly due to gender difference. My experience is that applying some physical stimulation on certain areas of the head would speed up the hair growth. The “Plum Needle Puncture” is an effective method, for example. It can also be practiced at home, and we will publish a new cartoon video teaching this method soon. Physical stimulation like this can effectively make the blood circulation on the head more efficient, therefore speed up the growth of hair.

3. Be Positive!

Stress, stay-up late, using computer for long hours, etc.---these are all negative factors for hair growth. Common anti-anxiety and depression medications may also worsen the situation. Therefore, natural self-relaxation plus acupuncture is the better choice. Going to bed earlier (before 11 pm) is also an important factor in less head oil and more hair growth. If using computer for long time, try to reduce consecutive using time and doing more jogging, walking, or stretching---like yoga are all going to be very helpful.

If young people suffering from hair loss can consistently apply three principles above, curing hair loss will be come much easier.


大多数的男性脱发都开始于20至30岁之间,并且一般都是从前发际线的两个额角开始脱落。 然后,发际线逐渐后移,前部的头发开始变细,变疏,变短,毛囊逐渐萎缩。同时,头顶部位也开始出现脱发。最终前部和顶部的脱发范围相连,仅囟门部附近遗留小片毛发较多的区域。



2. 控制头油


2. 外部刺激


3. 解除负面因素

压力、熬夜、长期使用电脑等都是常见的影响头发生长的负面因素。常用的抗焦虑,抗抑郁药物也都会加重头发的脱落。因此,自然的自我放松调整,加上针灸和中药才是有效的选项。 此外晚上十一点之前入睡也是不产生头油,不影响头发再生的必要条件。对于长期使用电脑的人来说,应该尽可能减少使用时间,常在绿色环境重慢跑,散步,做瑜伽等等——这样也会有更大的帮助。


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