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An Effective Hypertension Treatment I 于博士行医手记——这种方法可以迅速降血压,您知道吗?

Hypertension is a common disease, especially among people of older ages. After 40, one should pay extra attention to blood pressure. High blood pressure, or hypertension, is usually related to stress and bad habit. It is the best time to take preventive treatment when the blood pressure is fluctuating. Once the blood pressure is steadily above the norm, the usual modern medical measure is taking antihypertensive drugs. If a drug is not effective, the doctor would usually give prescription for another drug, or a combination of drugs. This way the danger of serious hypertension is well prevented and the general life expectation is raised. However the use of drug is not always effective and the side effects cannot be ignored.

There is another way---a special acupuncture, called the needle-embedding therapy. Tiny needles are being stuck to the acupuncture points with a tape. This treatment is very effective on normal hypertension, constantly hypertension that never drops, or fluctuating blood pressure problems. Effects can usually be felt with 2 hours after each treatment.

This method has two major advantages: 1. The needle can stay on the surface of the skin for 3 to 7 days, thus taking continuous effects; 2 this method is usually pain free. The needle is specially designed to ensure safety and ease of us. To apply the method, the most important thing is choose the correct points. I would usually choose these points: Shenmen, Quchi, Geyu, Xinyu Shenyu, and some hypotensive points on the ears.

The method has went through clinical experiment and the results were indeed good. If you are suffering from hypertension and the prescripted medicine are not working well, the acupuncture method is a good choice.


高血压是一种常见病,人过四十以后就应该常常关注血压的变化了。一旦血压超过145/90 mmHg,就可以视为血压高。血压高常常跟压力和生活习惯有关。血压时高时低往往是最好的治疗阶段,以预防为主。如果血压固定高于正常值,西医一般就会给予药物治疗,并且一般不能中断药物。如果药物效果不佳,则会更换药物或两种药物合用。这种治疗极大地预防了高血压后期严重病症的恶化,也提高了人类的寿命。不过药物效果并不见得好,而且副作用也不可忽视。这里我想说,还有一种好办法可以预防性地治疗高血压,而且效果非常理想且没有副作用。




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