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Struggling about Headache? Try these Methods | 还在为头痛烦恼?你应该试试这种方法

There is an old Chinese saying:”The patients always worry about more and the doctors always worry about less”. It means, the patients tend to worry about having various kinds of illness (since they are lack of medical knowledge), and the doctors always worry about they do not know enough methods to heal the patients. This is particularly true about headache. Years ago when I was working as a doctor in a hospital in Shenzhen, China, there were two cases of headache that made very deep impression to me. One is a mid-aged man, who is suffering from very serious headache——his friends were saying he was taking “truck loads of medicine”, and the medicine are become less and less effective to a point that he had to use antalgic pills. His headache was so bad that he could not normally work or do any business. The other one was a woman in her 60’s. Her problem was that she could not be exposed to any wind or she would have a headache. Therefore she could not go out of her home easily, nor could she open the windows in her home as the wind would blow in causing her headache. Living in a city close to Hong Kong, you may imagine how hot it would be for her and her whole family when the windows were kept closed most of the time.

Headache is one of the most common illness with various causes, but the doctors’ methods to heal headache are rather invariable. According to an article I read, in one year, there are about 50% of people who would experience headache, and about 18% would experience migraine. More seriously, some of the patients would suffer so much that the pain could not be controlled by medicine, or they are in a special period (for example, pregnancy), so they cannot take medicine.

Several years ago when I was teaching in the International Chinese Medicine Academy, a female student was brought to me by her classmates for help. She had extremely serious headache caused by “exam stress”, and she was also in her 8th month of pregnancy at that time. No other students dared to heal her due to her special situation. However, as the clinical practice instructor, I had to do something as an example to the students. I saw that her face is flushing red and the vein on her temple was visibly beating. Therefore, on the level I saw safe, I picked the pain-pressure point on her temple and did some blood-letting puncture---this reduced her headache immediately.

Headache is causing pain both in the patients and among the doctors---the doctors are constantly panicking for having too few methods of healing. Luckily, acupuncture has outstanding effects in dealing with headache. There are constantly headache patients in my clinic, including migraine, headache caused by menstruation, injury, stress, high blood pressure, etc..

For headache I have these special techniques: 1. Looking for the acupuncture points on the feet for headache; 2. Using blood-letting puncture method on the specific area or the back. Most of the patients would be much relieved in two hours after these two steps. In healing headache, the doctor who does not really know what they are doing usually chooses from several different methods, while the ones who really know what they are doing quickly realize what method to use.

Hope all you readers are free of headache!

Dr. Yu










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