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Some Recent Achievements in Hair Loss Study | 最近治疗脱发的收获

More and more hair loss patients are coming to our clinic for help recently. I am very excited for this situation. There are several reasons: first, most hair loss cases are complicated, therefore healing the patients is very challenging. I love challenge, and every successful case is great inspiration for me; second, after years of study in the healing of herniated discs, my book The Self Prevention and Healing of Herniated Discs have been published twice since 2002 in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and I have also concluded a system of methods healing hair loss after years of clinical practice. Therefore, I also want to have some break through in hair loss, the other field of my expertise; third, after living in Vancouver for over 12 years, I have sufficiently known the methods of healing hair loss and their effects in regular medical practice. I am sure Traditional Chinese Medicine have great potential in this area because its better effects. I am willing to make some contribution in this area.

In clinical practice, I also found that, for the same TCM products, the ones produced in Canada perform better than the ones produced else where. I think this is because of Health Canada’s strict regulation in the production of medical products. For this reason I decide to have all my hair growth products made in Canada. Even this would result in higher cost, I think it is worthwhile for the better effects.

Another good news: my Hair Growth I, Hair Growth II, and Hair Growth III have all been granted the NPN, and now are being prepared to launch in the market. I believe in the near future the “Yu’s” hair growth products can reach out to help many more patients outside of my clinic. I am also ready for inquiries either online, or in person.

Your beautiful hair, is my greatest desire.






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