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My Special Methods of Healing Hair Loss---How Hair Loss can be Treated to Receive Good Results | 脱发难

Recently more and more patients came to my clinic for hair loss treatment. Many of them read my articles on Facebook or WeChat before coming to seek treatment, advice or medicine. We also received many positive feedback---this shows again the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture in treating hair loss.

Among these patients, there are roughly two types.

The first type are the ones who come to the clinic for treatment. They usually live in the Greater Vancouver area, and they believe the face to face communication with the doctor ensures good treatment---this is true, because the confidence of the patients on the doctor can enhance the effects of treatment. In fact, many past cases have proven that the patients who come to the clinic for treatment would have more efficient recovery. Normally, for those who have acute hair loss of over 100, some even over 300 pieces of hair daily, fifteen sessions of treatment plus one to two bottles of Hair Growth I will effectively stop the loss of


The second type of patients only take medicines. After studying many of the feed backs, we can see that for the patients of the same condition, three bottles of the Hair Growth I is needed before the hair loss can be stopped. The final effect is ensured, but the healing period is usually one to three months longer. During the healing process, the patient may have a period when their condition fluctuates---this is ordinary, especially after they finish the first bottle of the medicine. For these patients I would like to emphasize the importance of sleeping earlier, keeping a good mood, using less mobile phone and computer, plus the self-treatment using the plum flower needle (the “mei hua zhen”).

The skin problems are tricky for most of the doctors. A common saying is that “Doctors do not treat scaly skin, and once they do, they will be ashamed”. The hair is also a part of the skin, therefore the difficulty of treating its problem can be assumed. In fact I am the only TCM doctor who opens a clinic dedicated to treat hair loss in Greater Vancouver.

After I become a doctor for 20 years---that is, 6 years ago, I concluded a new method of treating the three kinds of hair loss. That is, the method of flowing Qi, releasing swelling,strengthening kidney,and releasing “fire”. For those who have acute hair loss, the releasing swelling and flowing Qi method should be applied. For those who have Seborrhoeic Alopecia (excessive head oil extraction caused hair loss),the flowing Qi and releasing “fire” method should be used in the first phase (the first to second month). In the second phase the strengthening kidney and releasing “fire” method should be used to reduce the oil extraction to enhance the hair growth. For those who suffer from chronic hair loss condition, having large amount of hair loss and few hair left, the first phase ( the first to the third months) we should apply the flowing Qi method to stop the hair loss. The second phase we should apply the flowing Qi method to strengthen the blood alongside the strengthening kidney method and the releasing “fire” method. I treated many patients with these methods and saw great results. This was also how my special medicine, the Hair Growth I, II and III were invented.

The new year is here. During the holiday season, we still welcome everyone to come for consultation of hair loss.





第二类人群是只服用药物的。通过大量反馈信息我发现,同样是大量脱发的患者,最多需要使用3瓶生发一号,疗程会比来诊所治疗的推迟一至三个月,不过效果依然是有保证的。 在服药过程中病人可能会有一段情况时好时坏的过渡期,这是普遍的现象,尤其是在服用了第一瓶药物之后。对于只服用药物的病人,我经常跟他们强调,保持早入睡,保持好心态,坚持梅花针叩打,减少手机电脑的使用时间。




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