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Three Causes of Excessive Head Oil |影响头油的三大因素,你了解吗?

Many causes lead to excessive head oil. However, if one can control the following three causes, the problem may become better:

1. Sleep

If one constantly sleeps after 11 pm, the head oil tends to over extract. Therefore, sleep early is a must to cure;

2. Over-use of the eyes and emotional instability

These two conditions sometimes happen at the same time, or separately. When one uses computer too much, the eyes would be tiring out, and the body in general would fatigue. Then the brain would become over active, resulting in depression,anxiety, or anger control problems. Therefore, if you have the two conditions together, you should lessen the time using computer or smart phone, and do more outside activities like walking, stretching, or yoga;

3. Healthy diet

In North America organic food becomes more and more popular---this is very healthy. On the other hand, a healthy diet should also take in account of the following:

----less fat and oily food;

----less spicy food: the energy of spicy food would usually go “up” of the body, resulting in oily skin;

----less out-dining because restaurant food usually contains more fat and flavor;

----less alcoholic drink: alcohol may facilitate extraction of head oil. Therefore Seborrhoeic Alopecia (excessive head oil extraction caused hair loss) patients need to drink less alcohol, especially strong alcohol drinks. If one has to drink, it is better to drink wine or rice wine instead.

The three causes are essential to everyone, please keep them in mind.



1. 睡眠


2. 用眼过度和情绪波动


3. 健康饮食







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