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Acupuncturist Reveals---The Things that You Do not Know about Seborrhoeic Alopecia (Oil Secretion Re

In my clinical practice, among the hair loss patients, a large number of them (around 40%) are having the problem caused by excessive oil secretion (Seborrhoeic Alopecia, S.A.). In addition, due to men are less willing to seek treatment for hair loss, even more of them would have S.A..After years of clinical experiment, I have found better ways to deal with this problem:

Phase I. Oil Control

The main cause of S.A. is the excessive secretion of oil. The oil would pile up around the hair’s pores, pressing and eventually blocking the pores. The oleic acid and linoleic acid in the oil are also toxic to the pores, causing the hair to die off. Excessive oil secretion is common among young people, especially among the young males. Therefore, oil control is the key.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, “oil” is considered a kind of essence of the human body. Excessive oil secretion on the skin is thought to be caused by the excessive intake of oil, or by a malfunction in the body that make the digestion of oil incomplete. Therefore the treatment should include less oil intake from food. On the other hand, TCM theory indicates that a strong body function can enhance the digestion of oil, turning oil into useful nutrients for the body. S.A. patients usually have high cholesterol problem, therefore receiving treatment early is very necessary.

Combining acupuncture points therapy with chinese medicine, the oil can usually be controlled in more or less a month. The acupuncture points therapy can be divided into two parts: 1. Body needle therapy, which has to be done by a doctor; 2. Skin needle therapy, which can be done at home by the patient himself, as long as the correct points are used. This therapy usually takes more time than the body needle therapy, but it is effective too.

Phase II. Enhancing Hair Growth

When the oil is controlled, the hair will start re-growth, but it may take a long time. If we can supply the hair with nutrient that can help the growth, the hair may grow faster. Acupuncture and chinese medicine also play an essential role at this point.

Therefore we can conclude that choosing the right acupuncture points and the right chinese medicine is essential to treat S.A..



第一阶段 控油阶段




第二阶段 促进头发的生长



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