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How Your Hair Reflects Your Overall Health---From a TCM Perspective | 你的身体健康吗?头发竟然可以告诉你

Frequently I receive emails asking about hair problems, and I always answer with my opinion and suggest plans of treatment accordingly, not only regarding the hair problems, but also other problems of the patients. Currently I also answer questions through WeChat and Facebook---which are much more convenient. At the same time, many ask me, “how are you able to give the patients suggestions over the internet without actually meet them?” My answer is simple---the condition of one’s hair is a perfect reflection of one’s over all health. Just as many medical institute would test the hair to find out about one’s overall health.

It is widely accepted that good hair is a sign of good health. Now let me talk about how exactly does one’s hair reflect one’s health, from the perspective of an acupuncturist:

1. Rapid hair loss

If hair loss happens in large number over a short period of time, it is usually associated to psychological issues such as trauma, serious stress, and serious sleeping disorder. Another possibility is chemical related.

2. Thin hair

If hair becomes thin, soft and dull, this is a sign of chronic lack of energy or mental depression. Other problems may include lower neck pain, lower and upper back pain, knee problem, vulnerable to sports related injuries, sleeping disorder, and anger-control difficulties. This is caused by lack of nutrients in the hair, and how to nourish the hair is the key.

3. Hair loss with excessive oil

If the hair has excessive amount of oil, and the color of the hair becomes dull, especially in the top and front of the head, this means the oil control function is having a problem. If the function can be restored, the hair loss will stop and the normal hair growth cycle can be restored. People who has similar problem are usually also prone to high blood lipids.

4. Rapid whitening of hair

If the hair becomes white in a short time, the person usually has recent mental irritation. Accompanying problems may also include irritation, depression, and a feeling of tightness in the chest or a shortness of breath, caused by depression.

According to these analysis above, we can conclude that the health of hair is a reflection of the overall health---and that is why one needs to seek for a doctor whenever the hair has problems.













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