Painful Knee? Acupuncture on the Elbow May Solve It | 如何告别痛苦不堪的膝关节炎?银针刺肘见奇效

Would you believe it when I claim that healing of the pain at the knee caused by arthritis can be done by applying acupuncture at the elbow? Sounds unbelievable, isn’t it? Well this is actually very true.

Let me start from a recent case. Last week during lunch time, Ms.K, who I know very well that her family are all my patients and friends, came to see me for an emergency. When she came in, she was crippled and in great pain. Her right knee was not able to bend so she had to walk on the left leg. Because there was no appointment, I only had 30 minutes. Therefore I immediately invited her to the treatment room. She followed me in, and started to tell me the details.

She said that her knees had been in pain for a while, and the right knee was more serious. Before came to see me she had sought assistance from other acupuncture doctors, but it were not getting better. Now her knees are really painful so that she could not get down stairs, nor turning her body during sleep. It was so serioud that she could only sleep for two or three hours a day.

I checked her, and found that both her knees were swelled, and the right knee was more serious. The knee could hardly move, and its look was of the typical degenerative osteoarthritis. In addition, consider her age and diagnosis of her family doctor (who also concluded “OA”---osteoarthritis), I tried to find a good way of treatment. I noticed that there was a painful point on the inside of her knee, which was right on the QuQuan point of the liver channel, so I helped her to sit on the bed and let her legs hanging off the ground. Then I applied acupuncture on her left elbow, including points such as the ShaoBai point, with the reinforcing-reducing method. After I the needles were pierced in place I asked her to move her knees. In doubt, she tried to move several time, and she started to laugh in awe---to her surprise, her knees could already be moved. Then I asked her to get off the bed, and try walking, kicking and doing squats for 10 minutes. She did and then I asked her how did she feel. She told me, in Cantonese, “it seems all well, so comfortable!” Then I asked her to lie on the bed, and treated her with blood-letting puncture for 5 minutes. Once it was done, Ms. K was very satisfied went home confidently. I looked at the watch and it only took 20 minutes. Now, after 5 treatments, Ms.K’s problem almost all disappeared, and she could move and sleep normally again.

This case was a typical case of my treating “OA”. In the beginning I was not treating the problem this way. 15 years ago, I used to use the “knee’s four needle” method most frequently. This method was applied on the Zu San Li, Dou Bi, Yin Ling Quan, Yang Ling Quan points, thus the name. The effect of this method was just average, and it took a long time to heal. Later on I combined the “three edged needle”, and the“plum needle” blood-letting puncture method to the treatment, and the effect became better. Then I found many ancient TCM classical books talked about using the Qu Ze point and Qu Chi point on the elbow to treat the knee pain---this was very special indeed. I studied this method, and after 5 years of practice, I found it indeed worked surprisingly well efficiently on the knee pain. This method plus the “knee’s four neelde method” can achieve a healing speed that even the patient themselves could not believe.

Therefore, it is clear that knee problem is not difficult to heal if we can find the correct way. Traditional Chinese Medicine has lasted for thousands of years, and a tremendous amount of clinical cases and experience are recorded.We TCM doctors need to seriously study and excavating it, so that we can be more capable.





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