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Watch Out These Early Signs of Hair Loss | 注意啦 原来这些是要脱发的征兆 请及早发现并采取有效措施控制

Any illness would have signs before it actually takes place, and much trouble would be avoided, if one can identify the problems with these signs to apply early treatment. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) , relying on slight changes and minor discomforts of the body to find out a possible illness and apply treatment in time to avoid the situation getting worse is considered a better way of treatment than apply measures after the illness becomes true.

Before hair loss really starts, the human body would have many signs:

Thickening of head skin

If the skin on the top of head feels softer than before, or slightly painful when combing hair using a comb of pointy teeth——the skin is probably thickening and swelling. This is a significant sign of hair loss. People who has this condition may have fast and serious hair loss, which is common among people who are emotional, or people who are suffering from chronic digestive system problem, chronic headache, bad sleep, and excessive stress.

Thinning of head skin

Normal head skin is not too thick nor too thin. When pushing with finger, the skin should be able to move, with some resistance. When pressing, the skin is comfortably elastic. If the skin becomes thin, the skin will become tighter, not be easily moved and not as elastic. This condition is common among people who is physically weak or irritable, or has bad sleep, irregular and few menstruation, long term stress, neck and back pain, fatigue, or cold limbs.

Excessive head oil

If the head suddenly becomes oily so that it must be washed everyday; the hair becomes shining and oily; the face skin becomes oily (or sometimes the skin becomes dull); acne appears on the face--- these are also signs of hair loss. These people are also usually physically strong and their condition is usually related to hereditary, diet, and sleep.

More hair falls

If suddenly you find more hair on the pillow or in the washroom, you are probably having a hair loss condition. If you are also experiencing conditions listed out above, you are even more likely to develop hair loss.

Lactation after Pregnancy

Women at this stage are highly possible to have hair loss. At this stage, due to exhaustion and stress, sometimes even due to bad diet, the moms would easily get hair loss. If any signs appear at this stage, immediate medical assistance is needed.

“Fight illness before it realizes” is a great theory of TCM, and “Solve miner problems to avoid it becomes worse” is a smart choice of TCM. In dealing with hair loss, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine is your smart choice.



1. 头皮变厚

如果梳头时,部分头皮,或全头的头皮感觉发软,用手摸有起伏的感觉,用较尖的梳子梳头可能还有痛感,说明头皮可能变厚、浮肿了。这是一个重要的脱发前兆指标。 有这种症状的人可能会出现快速、大量的脱发。常见于容易急剧情绪激动,慢性肠胃病,长期头痛,昼夜颠倒,工作压力大的人群。

2. 头皮变薄


3. 头油增多


4. 掉发突然增多


5. 产后哺乳期



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