How to Heal Hair Loss Fast and Economically? | 如何治疗脱发更有效更划算?

----stop envying others’ good hair, follow this way and you will have the same too!

Of course, only being economical is not enough. The effect is the most important. For an average hair loss patient, about 15 sessions can stop the hair losing, and if the patient still have enough hair, 15 sessions are enough to heal the problem.

Spot balding: as long as the hair loss area is not exceeding one third of the whole head, the speed of our therapy would usually surprise the patients, and it would still be very effective, even if the patient have suffered from the problem for more than a year.

Head oil: Most male hair loss and some female hair loss are caused by excessive head oil extracting. The acupuncture and TCM, based on the Yin-Yang and Qi-Blood theory, can effectively soften the oil and turn it to nutrients that can be absorbed by the body---therefore reduce excessive oil. Many who has excessive head oil also suffer from hyperlipidemia, and our therapy can also effective reduce their blood lipid level, because acupuncture is a therapy that effects the whole body.

Better sleep and mood: Insomnia, anxiety, and depression are all enemies of hair. Hair loss and early hair whitening are all related to these problems, and it has been proved that our therapy can effectively ease these problems.

Other effects including better urination, better bowel movement, more energy, and even can help with infertility---there is a case that when the hair loss is getting better, the infertility also heals.

In conclusion, acupuncture combined with TCM is really the most effective and efficient therapy for hair loss. If you have the problem, and you do not want to spend too much, this is your best choice.

Today, I have been dealing with hair loss for twenty-six year, and my experience is your assurance to the most professional treatment!











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