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Why do the Olympic Champions Choose Fire Cupping? / 为什么连奥运冠军都在拔火罐?

Fire Cupping is a therapy in which heated glass cups are applied to the skin along the meridians of the body, creating suction as a way of stimulating the flow of energy.

World’s top swimmer Michael Phelps once again caught the spot light. This time is not about swimming, but about an ancient therapy---cupping. A recent photo of Phelps swimming shows clear fire cupping prints on his body, stirring up public interest for this therapy. Many of my patients are also discussing with me about this topic. Fire cupping is a very common therapy in TCM, and I almost use it on a daily base. It must be notified that cupping is not only used in China. Many Arabic friends are saying that this therapy is called “Hijama”, which has been used in the middle east since 1400 years ago. In my experience, many patients of European immigrants origin also said that similar therapy were used in their grandma’s generation. However, this therapy in TCM was indeed an invention of ancient China. It has been an important part of TCM, and is widely used. This therapy is convenient, simple, and effective, so it is also used by doctors to treat or prevent many diseases and problems.

2000 years ago, in ancient China fire cupping was called “horn therapy” referring to the use of cow or lamb horns to suck out the sepsis to cure ulcer. The earliest record was in The Fifty Two Treatment, a TCM classical written more than 2000 years ago during the Western Han dynasty. Later, cups made of clay, bamboo, glass were used. Today we have many more different cups to choose from. There are plastic cups, medal cups, rubber cups, infrared cups, acupuncture cups, magnetic cups, etc..

The diseases and problems that can be treated by fire cupping, besides pain problems, are numerous. There are even people who wrote books of millions of words to introduce this therapy. Here are some example of fire-cupping treatable problems:

Muscle pain: To use cupping for these problem, the rule of thumb is to apply where ever it hurts. Someone would experience swelling and pain, which is a normal side effect. The prints of cupping can usually be gone within two weeks.

Allergic problems: apply the fire cup to the belly button two to three times a week and it would have an effect after several months.

Cold: Taking the dazhui acupuncture point as the beginning spot of treatment, apply fire cupping along the spine---and this will speed up the self-healing of cold.

Asthma: when asthma happens, press on the sternum to find a pain spot and apply hot cupping on the spot can effectively sooth the symptom of asthma.

Besides these above problems, there are many other problems that can be treat by fire cupping. Some of the more simple problems can be self-treated at home. The more you do it yourself, the better you can apply it to solve more problems and become a “family doctor”

Today, cupping tools for family use are very simple and convenient. If you do not have access to these tools, please contact our clinic for some top quality hot cupping tools.












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