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Is the Water of Vancouver causing hair loss? | 温哥华的水会引起脱发吗?

Our hair loss patients are from many different ethnicities. Many of them are new immigrants, from Asia, Europe, or Africa. They all come to our clinic because serious hair loss problem. Many of them ask me whether the water of Vancouver, being low in minerals, is causing the problem. Some of them even tell me that they know it is the water of Vancouver causing the problem.

The water of Vancouver have been thought to be related to hair loss all the time. Recently a local chinese website published an article about the physiological changes of new immigrants. In the article it claims clearly that the water of Vancouver “is causing hair loss”.

Is this true? My answer is “NO”. Despite being one of the city that has top quality water in the world, the claim that the water causes hair loss does not make sense statistically---the claim does not differentiate the new immigrants and other residents. In fact, the other residents, who are born in Vancouver or come to Vancouver a long time ago, drinking the water for years, do not have serious hair loss problem as the new immigrants. Therefore we cannot conclude that the water is related to hair loss.

If water is not the problem, then what is it? The answer is “stress”. The new immigrants, being mostly elites of other countries, are having multiple stress when they come to Canada. Besides financial stress, they have to get to know the different culture, different language, different customs, even different laws. Even for a new immigrants from an English-speaking country, they will also have stress except the language barrier because they have to restart to fit in the new environment. New immigrants family usually have less family support and fewer friends so the stress can accumulate causing insomnia and anxiety. In serious cases this stress can last for months or years.

If this is not bad enough, then the difficulty to get permanent residency will make the final strike.

Therefore, the hair loss problem of new immigrants can only be solved by treatment designated to their problems. For the water of Vancouver, you can be assured that it is not causing hair loss.



温哥华的水质一直被认为跟脱发有关。 最近本地一个著名的中文网站上,有一篇探讨温哥华移民身体变化的文章也明确地把脱发于温哥华的水质直接联系起来,声称温哥华的水引起脱发。.





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