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Suffering from Chronic Back Pain? These People are Healed and No Painkiller is Involved | 饱受长期腰痛的困扰?

These days we got two patients, both are very interesting cases. Coincidentally they both suffered from chronic back pain, and both had sought for a cure everywhere without success. Here I would like to share to you how I treated them:

The first patient is a female patient. She had back pain for decades. She came in and I immediately noticed the dim complexion on her face. She told me she had never stopped treatment. She had seen many famous doctors and unfortunately the pain remained the same. She had insomnia for decades too. She would wake up very easily in the night and could not sleep after woke up. Then I checked her up. Her pulse was deep and uneven. Her tongue was small and dark. From her neck to waist, the muscle on the sides were almost as stiff as wood board, and there were some irregular pain points on her back too. According to the principle that “chronic problems usually root in the kidney and meridian”, I decided to strengthen the kidney and facilitate the blood flow, as well as the dredge the meridians---by piercing the taixi, kunlun, shenyu, geyu, xinyu, fengchi, and houxi points. At the same time I applied blooding letting puncture on the kunlun, weizhong, and geyu points. I thought the patient would recover soon according to my past experience, but she did not get better after several treatments. I thought carefully and determined that the patient had weak body constitution because of the chronic problems. Even there is congestion, the treatment for her should still concentrate on strengthening the weakness, while the releasing the excess (that blockades the meridians) can only be the second purpose. Therefore, I changed the piercing points to taixin, shenhui, and replaced blood-letting puncture with plum blossom needle (“mei hua zhen”) puncture.

Fig: the Plum Flower Needle (“mei hua zhen” )

In addition I also gave her the the herbal medicine xue fu zhu yu wan for intake. The result was fascinating---her muscles on the back were effectively softened after the first treatment, and her decades-old insomnia went away after a week. After ten treatments her back pain largely disappeared.

The second patient was a senior. He lived in Richmond and everyday she spent more than 1.5 hours to get to my clinic, which was pretty hard for her. Her chronic back pain was so serious that she always felt there was something pressing against her back all the time. Her legs were heavy and could not walk very fast, too. She told me that she had herniated discs at a young age. She was of heavy build for her age, but her face was pale. She had seen many doctors, including acupuncturist, physical therapist, and chiropractor, but the pain never became less. Besides the pain, she also had problems such as bad memory and low energy. The muscles on her neck, chest and waist were obviously swollen, and the muscles were also wood-like hard. In addition she had pain points on the right side of her buttock, on the back of her thigh and her calf. Her pulse was sunken and there were teeth marks on her tongue. I diagnosed her as coldness in the yang and weak yang in the kidney. Because she does not like to take herbal medicine, I planned her treatment mainly on needle piercing. The main points were chosen as: jinmen, dazhui, fengchi, pihui, shenyu, dachangyu. I also chose the points of chengshan, dazhui, gaomang, and yaoyu to apply blood-letting puncture. After the first treatment the patient started to feel relaxed, and her situation was healed up to 80% after ten treatments.

You may ask, “Why do you want to talk about these chronic and extremely serious back pain problems?” Well, here are what i thought: first, this kind of long-term, hard-to-heal back pain can cripple your health seriously; second, many patients of this kind of problem take painkillers all the time without knowing that the acupuncture can also be a good way; third, acupuncture can have only have good results with careful analysis.

At last, I would to say sincere thanks to you---my patients who trust me so much and come to see me for so much time.

Wish you all good health!













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