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Doctor Yu's Clinical Notes XVI: This is How We Damage Our Own Hair | 我们都错了,原来这些习惯对头发危害如此大!

In my clinic, almost half of the patients are here for hair loss. The other half usually have other problems such as herniated discs, sciatica, neck pain, and arthritis. There are more hair loss patients than patients of any other problems because the treatment of hair loss is usually longer and requires more sessions. In contrast, the other patients usually can be healed much more quickly.

According to my observation in the practice, the hair loss patients have some common problems. In my opinion these problems are very important and I would like to share with everyone.

The first problem is the stress. Most hair loss patients start to have the problem when they are in a stage of stress in their lives. The stress can be a sudden event, and it may last exceptionally long.

The second is anxiety. Anxiety usually appears when the hair starts falling, and it becomes worse if one starts worrying that their hair may become worse.

The third is lack of sleep. Many hair loss patients sleep really late. In my practice I have found that most of them sleep after 11pm, some may stay up to 12pm, and some even do not sleep until 2 or 3 am.

The fourth is fatigue, which is cause by either lack of sleep or being physically weak.

All the four problems interact with each other, and make situation worse quickly. For example, if one looks at the computer or cell phone for too long, fatigue and neck pain may appear. This may lead to lack of sleep, which would leave one lack of energy in the day time. Lack of energy may in turn worsen the stress, and cause anxiety. Anxiety will further impact the lack of sleep, and make other parts of the body uncomfortable----and therefore, hair loss is indeed just one syndrome in the whole problem.

Dear friends, if you think these are correct, please start doing something for your hair as soon as possible.










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