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Doctor Yu's Clinical Notes XV: Preventing Spring Allergies Using TCM Methods | 又到春季过敏性鼻炎和哮喘高发期?

A week of continuous sunshine has transformed Vancouver to the most beautiful city of the world. The cherry blossom trees along the streets extend to the sea, connecting to the snowy mountain line in the sky, while the falling flower petals cover the ground like carpets---this is truly paradise.

However, this year I could not enjoy the view as usual---my third child was born and all of my family became busy around the new born baby. At the same time, I have to deal some other things too---going to clinic has unexpectedly become my most “leisure”time.

Although my schedule at the clinic was very tight, the patients were still kind and caring about me. All of them would ask about my newborn baby, and many would remember his name. Many also brought gifts and cards. Some would say to me “Dr. Yu, you look tired.” How they sincerely cared a doctor like me who speaks with a heavy accent, has really touched me.

Spring in Vancouver is beautiful, but the seas of flowers all bloom together, making allergy related problems such as allergic rhinitis and asthma happen more frequently. Coincidentally, one of my good friends, an acupuncture doctor in New York also wrote an article about healing seasonal rhinitis and asthma with Acupuncture, so I will not repeat it---it has been proved by thousands years of clinical practice anyway. I would like to share what I learn from my practice: it is best to start preventive treatment with herbal medicine in the winter so that the condition in Spring will become much better. If the winter treatment is missed, then applying acupuncture, in combination with herbal medicine will achieve the best results.

Hope all of you can enjoy the charming spring season!








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