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Doctor Yu’s Clinical Notes XIV: Healing Spot Baldness and Full Baldness with Ease | 快速治愈斑秃和全秃的方法

When I started my clinic more than a decade ago, I had several patients who I still remember till now. One of them was a lady suffering from facial paralysis. Before coming to me she had this condition persisting for months. I treated her for a while and she fully recovered. Another one was a Filipino girl, who came to me for sciatica problems ( I started my clinic treating sciatica, herniated disc, “RA” and joint problems). After she was healed, I found she had several bald spots of various size on her head. She told me she had been having these spots for more than 3 years during which she tried all methods: special cream, hormone, and nothing worked. I suggested her to try my method, and it let her grow back all the hair after only 10 sessions. She was the first hair loss patient I treated in Vancouver. From then on I added hair loss to the list of problems I specialized to treat.

Recently I had an interesting case. A patient came for help for full baldness after having the problem for 10 years. In fact, he had the problem fixed more than 10 years ago, after receiving treatment from another acupuncturist. After several years, exactly 10 years ago the problem came back again. The patient could not find the acupuncturist who treated him the first time, so he came to me after seeing my story online. He told me that this acupuncturist was an Iranian who had studied Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. To my surprise, the points this acupuncturist chose points that were very similar to what I use for the treatment. Therefore I started to treat him. Even his problem was very bad, he still grew some new hair after 10 sessions.

You might find impossible to see effects so quickly, but the theory is indeed not complicated. Our hair has a life cycle of 3 months. This patients had the problem for 10 years so what cause the problem should be solved already. Then why he still had no hair? This is like the switch for a light. Well practiced acupuncture can turn on the switch so the hair can start growing again.

A full baldness patient need to have treatment to heal. In contrast, many spot baldness (alopecia) patients can be healed without treatment. Sometimes these patients do not know they have the problem until the barber see it and tell them. This kind of spot baldness are usually results of panic, insomnia, and stress. Only a few patients of this condition cannot recover by themselves. Therefore, if you are suffering from this condition, except for these few individuals, you can try these methods:

  1. Sleep well. You need to sleep before 11pm, or even better at 10pm;​

  1. Be positive and get rid of negative emotions. This is actually the foundation of healing hair loss. If you cannot completely get rid of insomnia, anxiety, or any problems caused by a deficiency of blood, you can try acupuncture as a way of natural healing. Do not easily take medicine, because some anti-hypochondria medicine can also cause hair loss.​

  1. Take a piece of Ginger, cut open, and rub the ginger on your head where the bald spots present. Rub until the skin is slightly brushed. Do this 1 to 2 times per day;​

  1. Taking 15 grams of oriental arborvitae and caulis impatientis, boiling together for 20 mins, and use the water to wash your head.

However, if full baldness or spot baldness patients start to have their eyebrow and pubic hair falling, or spot baldness patients fail to heal by themselves within half a year, they should seek professional treatment ASAP.






  1. 保证足够的睡眠,入睡必须十一点之前,或者十点前入睡最好;

  2. 消除悲观情绪,保持积极的心态。这是治愈脱发的前提。如果不能完全解除失眠,血虚,忧郁症状,针灸是个很好的自然疗法选择。因为有的药物还可以导致脱发;

  3. 外擦生姜,取一块生姜,切开,用断面处摩擦斑秃的患处,以皮肤轻微发红为度,每天1-2次;

  4. 用侧柏叶,透骨草各15克水煮20分钟后洗头。


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