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Dr. Yu’s Clinical Notes XIII: Simple Tricks to Solve Greasy Hair Problem | 脱发过程中头油过多?于博士教你几招轻松解决

In my practice, I find that most of the hair loss patients come for help are women. I think there are several reasons: 1. women are more fond of beauty, and hair is an important sign of female beauty---therefore most women would try their best to keep the hair perfect; 2. women are better at taking care of themselves, so they would seek treatment for hair loss; 3. When suffering from hair loss, women usually feel uncomfortable in other places, such as menstruation problem, emotional problem, bad sleep, etc.. Therefore they would usually try to find a solution for all these problems together.

In contrast, a few men come for hair loss, and I think the reasons are: 1. most men simply do not care about hair loss; 2. Men’s hair loss usually requires longer treatment then women’s usually two times longer; 3. Therefore, because of the long time to treat hair loss, most men, especially married men are not willing to spend too much on it.

Why is men’s hair loss more difficult to heal? The reason is men are more likely to have greasy hair---their scalp extracts too much “fat” causing hair to fall. This condition is called seborrheic alopecia. Typical seborrheic alopecia starts at the later stage of puberty, when the hair of forehead and side of head start to become thin and fall. The hair would become thin and long by the time, and the hair follicle would eventually shrink. The hair would become thinner and thinner until it stops growing at all. At the age of 40, the hair and bald skin would form a “M” on the forehead, and a “O” on the top. Some even only has hair on the back of the neck and back of the head. Many men have so much excessive scalp “fat” so that their heads are always shinny from the grease, must be washed daily, and some would have excessive dandruff and their hair is dry---these are all caused by the “fat”.

Today let’s talk about how to deal with the “fat”. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, these “fat” are also considered precious matter of the body. Just like cholesterol, these “fat” are also essential nutrients to the body. They only become excessive because some functionalities of the body are out of balance so that not all of these “fat” are used up. Personally, I think excessive hair “fat” is mainly associated with lung, gall bladder, and stomach. I come to this conclusion from the circulation of Qi. Excessive scalp “fat” is due to the blockage of Qi on the scalp, and gall bladder and stomach are two important places to circulate the Qi downwards. These two organs are also essential to food digestion, therefore in the end the food you eat are essential to excessive scalp “fat”. Therefore eating less oily and spicy food is always a good practice.

Here are some acupuncture points that are helpful to cure excessive hair “fat” problem:

Chi Ze: this is a major point on the lung median. Many problems of head and face can be treated with this point. The famous Dr. Xiuzhen Wang has frequent successes using the Chi Ze point for bloodletting to treat headache, high blood pressure, and skin diseases.I usually use this point to remove excessive “fat”.

Yang Ling Quan: this point is easy to find. It is on the gall meridian, with many functions. It is usually used to heal all the kind of painful problems. Actually, it is a major point to let the Qi circulate down. Therefore when piercing the point with a needle, it will cause a feeling of soreness and something going “down” on the point. We are using this function to let the excessive scalp “fat” fall back into the circulation again.

Besides these, keeping a healthy life style of routine exercises is also essential to healthy hair. Good sleep and good stress management play important roll too (please see the previous articles). In conclusion, a combined approach to this problem is the best.

Next time we will talk about more simple ways to cure hair loss.













2. 阳陵泉:此穴也很好找。是胆经的穴位,功能多样化,经常被用来治疗各种疼痛性疾病。其实作为胆经的重要穴位之一,具有引起下行的功能,但针刺此穴时会有明显的酸胀并向下引导的针感。我们取穴时就是利用这种向下引导的功能。把头油从头顶引入体内进行运化而被利用为有用的物质。




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