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Doctor Yu’s Clinical Notes X: Simple Tips to Cure Hair Loss | 治脱发,原来可以这样

According to my experience, 90% of hair loss conditions are related to stress and anxiety. Hair loss patients are usually also subject to various conditions such as insomnia, lack of sleep, headache, neck pain, lower back pain, fatigue, cold limbs, irritation, chronic diarrhea, and indigestion etc.. Therefore, I always tell my patients that hair loss is just a reflection of other problems of the body. If these problems are fixed first, the hair will naturally grow again.

Time by time, clinical results are proving this point. I found that if treatment of hair loss only concentrates on the hair, the effect will take place slowly or even completely ineffective. If the treatment concentrates on the other problems, then the hair loss condition can usually be improved more quickly.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine has thousands of practice treating hair loss, as early as recorded in the 2500 years old medicine classical The Inner Cannon of Yellow Emperor. Many classical formulae for hair loss invented throughout the history, such as “Qibao Meiran Mini Pills”, and “Shengying Yangzhen Mini Pills”, can still be bought in the market today. However, not every patient using these formulae will have good effects. This does not mean these formulae are not effective, but are not chosen correctly. People today are very different from ancient people, who would go to bed after dusk. Most people today sleep very late because they have computers and smartphones to spend time with. Therefore, to treat these people effectively, the classical formulae must be modified.

I treat hair loss conditions with acupuncture, which I learnt from my teachers, Dr. Qingshan Ji and Dr. Cuiping Zhang. This is a complicated acupuncture method to master, but are very effective for all kinds of hair loss.

By the way, I would like to introduce some acupuncture points that are helpful for hair loss problems:

1. Zu San Li

We have covered this point extensively in the previous articles. This point is very versatile. It can strengthen the Qi to increase the Blood, which is essential for hair growth. It can also release stress and anxiety.

2. Shen Men

This point can help with the sleep, and lower blood pressure.

3. Tai Chong

This point has various functions. It can be used to treat stress related hair loss patients. This point also does well protecting the liver.

At last, I would like to tell the friends who are troubled by hair loss: good hair growth requires good sleep. It is necessary to sleep before 11pm.

Hair loss is indeed a complicated topic. Next time we will discover more about this topic.







  1. 足三里:这个穴位以前介绍过。它的功能全面,治脱发的时候就是用它来补气生血,同时又解除抑郁的功能;

  1. 神门:这个穴位能够帮助睡眠,并有降低血压的功效;

  1. 太冲:这个穴位具有多种功能,治疗脱发适合用于有焦虑症的,压力过大的病人。同时,这个穴位对肝脏有明显的保护功能。



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