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Healing knee problems using acupuncture | 针灸治疗膝盖损伤有奇效

“I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee.”

---Healing knee problems using acupuncture

In the last article I mentioned that acupuncture is probably the best method to treat knee injuries. This is not out of the blue. Many patients ask me many almost rhetorical questions like “I have bony spur, can you remove it?”, or “my joint is worn-down be so thin, can you change it?”, or “my joints are narrowing, can you make them wider?”---Well, I can never answer these questions to everyone’s satisfaction, all I can tell them is, “If your knee joints stop hurting, would you care anymore about bonny spur and cartilage? If you cannot walk because of the pain and now you can walk again, would you care about all these medical terms?” Acupuncture is the best way to treat join problem, this is because acupuncture has been proven indeed very effective.

Two weeks before the New Year’s Day, a granny came to our clinic. She recently came back to Vancouver from China. She had deformed joints and osteoarthritis of the knee for many years, and recently due to frequent travel and her age, the condition had become worse. She was in so much pain that she could not walk, or turning around in bed. If she wanted to move, she could only drag her legs around in agony no matter how she moves. When she came to me, she had barely slept for a week. I checked her over, and I saw that both of her knee joints were swelling to be “O” shaped, and the right joint was especially serious---the swelling was around the whole knee joint, and it swelled one third times bigger than normal. Her skin had rashes from using pain relief patches for too long. I thoroughly estimated her condition and made healing plans. After four days of acupuncture treatment, the swelling on her joints were significantly relieved, she could finally sleep well. After that, she came in for treatment two to three times a week, and on Jan 6, she had eight sessions already. Now she could walk much easily, almost without using her crutch anymore. I have seen many cases like this one, and no patients cares about “bonny spur” or “degeneration” once their pain was healed.

Of course, besides acute injury, the knee arthritis is also possibly a chronic problem. Therefore the problem may not be healed in several sessions. The healing process may take time.

Now here is something interesting for you: do you know that besides sore eyes and fatigue, using mobile phone and computer for long time may also affect the knees?

This week a young girl in her twenties came to my clinic for hair loss problems. Her job consisted of working in front of computer for seven to eight hours a day, and when she went home she spent more hours in front of computer or using smartphone. When I checked her, I found that her knees already had early signs of arthritis. Why did it happen? Let me explain next time.

In my clinical experience, the two points I use most often for knee arthritis are Yang Ling Quan GB34 and Yin Ling Quan SP9. These two points can quickly reduce swelling and sooth pain, and can also strengthen the eyes that are damaged from using computers. Let us explore these two points next time too!










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