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Doctor Yu’s Clinical Notes VII: Knee and Knee Injuries | 于博士行医手记:膝关节和膝损伤

Recently there are several days of continuous rain in Vancouver, and the temperature is quite low. On the mountains, where it is freezing, there is finally enough high quality and thick snow. This is exciting news for winter sports enthusiasts, because now they can start skiing. However, coming with the skiing season are the related injuries, and knee injury is the most common.

Vancouver is a paradise for sports. In Vancouver you can find vast and well preserved forests, numerous rivers with clean water, and well maintained sports facilities all over the city. There are many sports lovers of running, walking, yoga, hiking, sailing, skiing, snow-boarding, and many other extreme sports. Therefore, there are also many famous sport brands based in the city, such as Lululemon, Arc’teryx etc. People of Vancouver love sports, but at the same time many suffer from sport related injuries.

Therefore I would like to emphasize one thing. That is, no matter how light the injury is, as long as it is of the knee, please go see a doctor and ask for complete cure immediately. The knee is the most important major joint in the body that is vital to movement through our lives, so please treat it with great caution.

Among these injuries, knee injury is the most common. Other major problems including injury of the inner thigh ligament, of the semilunar fibrocartilage, and of the infrapatellar fat pad. Some of these injuries may be cured after proper rest, but some will not, and the symptom will fluctuate. The longer the problem is left without treatment, the worse it gets. Without treatment, more and more conditions will also start affecting the injury, such as coldness, wetness or change of weather. All these symptoms will become a cause of serious joint related disease in years.

A North Vancouver lady, referred by her friend, came to visit us recently. She was suffering from serious osteoarthritis that she could not sit, stand, or walk smoothly. Her condition was so bad that when she got on the clinic bed, she could hardly move her legs, or stretch out her legs flat. When she laid down, there was always a distance of one and a half pillow between the back of her knee and the bed. She also told me that the situation would be worsened in the night and that she could not sleep because of the pain. Both of her knees were swollen above and on the side of the joints. Also the side of her calf was very thin, and the knees were both dis-aligned to the outside presenting some how a “bow leg” situation. After checking her thoroughly, I concluded that her treatment will need at least 20 to 30 sessions. She trusted me and my acupuncture so she agreed to take the treatment, and she was very cooperative during the sessions. To our surprise, after 10 sessions, she recovered very well that she could stretch out her knees flat. Now she even started gym exercise and going to vacation again.

According to my years of experience as a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, until now, I believe that acupuncture has the best effects in curing knee problems. Even the problem is a knee deformation caused by bony spur, acupuncture still has good results.








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