Doctor Yu’s Clinical Notes VI: The Effects of Taichong Point to Depression | 太冲穴对忧郁症的妙用

The people of Vancouver are lucky: the city is like a diamond set between dense forests, beautiful mountain range, nice beach, vast sea line; this place is a center of multi-culture, and the people live in a fair, friendly and peaceful society. Vancouver is no doubt one of top livable city in the world. However there is a flaw in a perfect gem: the weather. After October is the raining season, and the daylight rapidly becomes rare. The sunsets at 4 pm every day and many people becomes unhappy, or even depressed for no reason.

I worked 15 years in China, but I did not have much experience in treating depression back then. In fact I had only knowledge from text books, and had only seen patients of this condition when I was studying with my teachers. I did not have experience in thoroughly treating depression. However, after I came to Vancouver I have been seeing many depression and anxiety patients especially in fall and winter every year. Thus I have gained much experience in treating these problems.

Many such patients came to my clinic not just because of the season. Besides season, there were many causes such as family problem, work problem, new immigrants’ problem. However, most of the patients had the same symptom: unhappy, lazy, fatigue, irritability, self-loathing, panic, insomnia, hypersomnia, various degrees of diarrhea, liquid feces, constipation, hardened feces, cold hands and feet, frequent urination, stiffness on the neck, shoulder, or back, unexplained aches and pains, feeling helpless, dry or bitter tongue, acid reflux, hair loss, headache, etc.

According to years of observation, these patients all have problem of weak qi or blocked qi. Therefore, the treatment should be concentrated on strengthening the qi and restoring the circulation of the qi. For this reason, the taichong point is a must for the treatment---taichong point is related to the liver, and liver in the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine is an important organ in control of the qi.

Taichong is the prime point on the liver meridian, acting as the gateway of the qi of liver meridian. Therefore this point is extremely important---it can facilitate the qi of liver, and strengthen the blood of liver. In practice it has these functions: 1. Protect the liver; 2. Release fatigue, especially fatigue of eyes and relieve dry eyes; 3. Relive problems associated with menstruation, such as pre-menstruation breast distending pain, lower abdominal pain, and irregular menstruation. It can also strengthen sexual performance of men; 4. Relieve back pain, rib pain, and sciatica; 5. Relieve all emotion related problems; 6. Treat stomachache, especially the anger inspired cases, and acid reflux.

There are a large number of diseases that taichong point can help with. They can be sorted in two categories: diseases related to the liver, and emotion related problems.

We doctors can use acupuncture and other certain method to stimulate this point for best results, but everyone achieve good results by consistently massaging this point.

Here are some suggestions to people suffering from depression: 1. do not drink ice-cold drink, instead try hot drink with ginger and cinnamon; 2. in the winter try to sleep earlier and more, and exercise daily for 20 to 30 minutes till sweating lightly. The recommended light exercises are: Jogging, walking, stretching, and yoga. Stretching and yoga are very good to relieve bad emotion, and lightly sweating exercises are good to restore the circulation of qi.

Hope you have a happy and healthy winter!










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