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Doctor Yu’s Clinical Notes V: Self-Treatment for Stress and Depression | 自我缓解压力和忧郁的办法

These days, several cancer patients came to our clinic. Among them was a good friend of us, a nice and beautiful European lady, who we have known for 11 years. She was diagnosed with liver cancer and intestine cancer. I am sure her condition has something to do stress. An immigrant and single mom of two kids---you can imagine what kind of stress she has been endured. The other patients were suffering from breast cancer, intestine cancer, and one even had breast cancer transferred to bone cancer.

My opinion is that all kinds of cancer have something to do with long term stress and depression. In clinical practice we have also seen that many other complicated diseases besides cancer are related to stress and depression, such as stroke, hypertension, heart disease, ankylosing spondylitis, etc.. Even common diseases like back pain, stomach pain, head pain, and insomnia are influenced by stress and depression.

In general, depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity. The common symptoms of depression are: feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, anger or irritability, various problems of insomnia, lack of energy and motivation, loss of interest in daily activities, reckless behavior etc..

Traditional Chinese Medicine has extensive studies of depression. According to TCM theory, depression is a source of many kinds of diseases: “If the qi and the blood is mixed in harmony, then there will be no disease, but once the depression comes, the harmony will be damaged and all disease may occur”.

According to my clinical experience, there are three acupuncture points that are useful to treat depression, and massaging these points are easy at home. The three points are:

1. Zu San Li---this point has been talked about extensively recently. It has very wide use including releasing depression r;

2.Tai Chong---this point is the primary point for the Liver channel. It is located at the concave section in front of the intersection of the first and second metatarsal bones;

3. Shen Men---Located on the wrist, at the concave section where the ulnar bone and the carpus bone intersect, besides the end of rasceta (transverse creases of the skin on the palmar surface of the wrist). This is a prime point for the heart channel, and can help to heal all kinds of insomnia, neurasthenia, bad memory, and dementia. This point has effect of soothing the mood.

The three points: Zu San Li, Tai Chong, Shen Men are all good for treatment of all kinds of depression, over-stress, insomnia, low-mood, and lack of energy, and there are no side effects so you can use this method all the time. Next time I will talk more about the Tai Chong point so you can know more about this point.




什么是忧郁症的突出表现呢?就是各种原因导致的显著而持久的心情低落。具体可表现为几个方面:1.忧: 情绪低落,心情压抑;2.虑:多思多虑,焦虑不安,胡思乱想,常有自责心态,因此不易入睡或睡中惊醒等失眠现象;3.自责:无原因的疲乏无力,自觉懒散无能;4.呆:动作减少,思维迟钝,记忆力下降;5.变:性格剧变,同以前判若两人。






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