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Doctor Yu’s Clinical Notes III: Some Intriguing Facts of Acupuncture Points | 于博士行医手记 (三)| 穴位的妙用 续

The Ren Zhong Point

Last week I talked about the application of ren zhong point. Actually, my knowledge of this point was learnt from my undergrad Professor Mr. Ji. When I was an assistant to Prof Ji in his clinic, there were nearly a hundred patients of different conditions seeing him every day. To my surprise there were patients of mental conditions such as depressions seeing him too. Prof. Ji usually treated these patients from the ren zhong point, and most of them felt much relaxed and released after only several minutes of treatment---ren zhong point has very good soothing effect. Later after I started my own clinic, I often used ren zhong point treatment on patients suffering from herniated spine discs, rheumatoid arthritis, or ankylosing spondylitis ( I was concentrated on these conditions at that time too). You may want to ask: why are these patients suitable for treatment on the ren zhong point? The reason is because these patients usually have condition of depression, because: 1. most of the patients are young, working people, therefore they usually have burden of work or family responsibilities; 2.most of the patients are having chronic conditions that have caused them great pain so they tend to be depressed; 3. their condition becomes worse when they are depressed, and the more depression the worse the condition. Therefore, because ren zhong point’s soothing effect, treatment of ren zhong point can help to reduce their depression and therefore enhancing the whole treatment.

Today I used ren zhong point treatment on two patients, one of asthma who also has condition of swollen face, one of ankylosing spondylitis. The asthma patient was receiving ren zhong treatment for the third time, and his swollen face condition was almost gone after the treatment. The ankylosing spondylitis patient was the first time receiving the treatment, and I believe he will soon see the effect.

About “One Point and Heal”

According to my experience in the past 20 years, “one point and heal” is especially effective on the patients who have just acquired the condition, and whose condition is on the severe end.

Recently I experienced something like this: my right shoulder felt uncomfortable because I player golf a lot these days. The pain was slight and I did not feel any pain after practice, so I did not care about it too much. Last Sunday, I was playing golf in Surrey. It was light rain in the beginning, and on the 9th hole the rain became heavy. I continued playing despite the rain, and after I swung with the driver suddenly I felt a great tearing pain on my right shoulder. I was hesitating to keep playing, and I remembered there is an acupuncture point called “Yu Jian” I read about in the book One Point Healing, written by Prof. Shuzhong Gao of Shandong Chinese Medicine University. Therefore I applied pressure on the Yu Jian point on my shoulder, and as described in the book it was extremely painful---it felt like something swelling inside. I kept pressing and rubbing the Yu Jian point, applying pressure with more and more strength while walking to the next shot 200 yards away. Soon the pain started to disappear. I kept rubbing the point while playing, and on the 10th hole I did not feel any pain. That night when I got home I pierced the Yu Jian point with needles, as well as two other points, and the second day the pain did not come back.

There were a number of successful cases that I used Yu Jian point for treatment of periarthritis of the shoulder. There was a french-speaking elderly patient named Benott, he came to me a week after he got the condition. He was not able to move his right shoulder, and the situation would become so bad in the night time that he could not sleep. I checked him, and applied treatment focusing on the Yu Jian point. On the second day his condition almost recovered.

This Monday an elderly patient with last name Yip came to my clinic. She was suffering from pain in the sitting bone. She came with her son because she did not speak English. Because of the pain, she appeared very anxious. I asked about her past conditions, checking her all over, and asked her to get down on the bed. Because of the pain on her left calf, she had to raise the left leg off the bed and mourned painfully when she got down. I told her it will be OK, and quickly piercing the Yang Lao point with needle, and asked her to cough. I rotated the needle quickly, and eventually I saw she put down her leg on the bed and stopped mourning. Today she came for a second visit, and her pain was largely gone. The only condition she had was weak limb strength and could not sit for long.

To master the “one point and heal” method requires intensive study. Another doctor, Mr. Decheng Chen, who was also an old friend of mine, had extra expertise in the area. Many years ago he wrote a book single point treatment, which I have not studied. Therefore, what I said today could be just the superficial things of the vast knowledge of CTM.

Hope you have a happy week. We will continue next week.












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