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Doctor Yu’s Clinical Notes II: Some Intriguing Facts of Acupuncture Points | 于博士行医手记(二)| 穴位的妙用

When I was a graduate student, I used to work as a clinic assistant for my teacher Prof. Qingshan Ji in the hospital. One day, a doctor from another department of the hospital suffering from severe stomach pain came to the acupuncture department for help. Because Prof. Ji was busy, she was sent to another Professor, Prof. Guo. Guo used needle on her Zhong Wan point, but it did not help much. He then tried other points, but the situation still did not get better. Therefore they found Prof. Ji to help. Prof. Ji looked at the patient, and to everyone’s surprise he simply pulled out the needle on the Zhong Wan point, using direct piercing technique to push in the needle at the same point for 2 cun ---- and the pain went away immediately. This event made a deep impression on me. It was that moment I learnt the knowledge of acupuncture was beyond just needles and acupuncture points.

The other Prof., Prof. Guo was also a teacher of mine, and I respected him. I used to be assistant to him too. Prof. Guo was also expert of acupuncture and he was kind to every patient. One day, when we were about to go to lunch, a girl dressing in out-fashioned old clothes, who was obviously from the countryside came in. She was pressing her hand on her stomach, and she looked like in great agony. Prof. Guo told her “it will be OK”, and let her lay down to use needles on her. Unfortunately there were no effects after he tried several combinations. Prof. Guo told her to look for other doctors, but the girl told us that she had no more money. Prof. Guo thought for a while, and took out all the needles to pierce the Gong Sun points on the girl’s feet. The pain was gone immediately. Then Prof. Guo kept the needles in for 10 minutes to enforce the effect. It was 30 mins after break time when the treatment was done. I was fascinated by Prof. Guo’s expertise and was touched by his kindness.

These two stories really changed my view of acupuncture. Both of the professors were so good at using the acupuncture points, that they could fix the problems by piercing only one point. After I saw their deeds, I tried to achieve the same effect, but I could only succeed a few times.

Therefore, in the first 10 years of my medical practice, I mostly used multi-points treatment.

Acupuncture was indeed effective that I could achieve healing effects without piercing the best choice of points. However, the professors’ “one point and heal” were still in my mind and I kept learning to try new things out in practice.

Acupuncture is a kind of “energy healing” and sometimes it is hard to explain using current medical knowledge. Several years after school, I went to Shenzhen to work as an acupuncture doctor. One day a good-looking girl referred by a colleague came for treatment. I treated her with the best knowledge I know. After she recovered, she treated me and several friends a meal.

When we were eating, she got a phone call from her aunt, saying that she fell at home and could not get up. She pledged me urgently, so I went to her aunt’s place. Once I got in, I saw her aunt sitting in the chair motionless with a painful expression. I checked her, and used needle on her Ren Zhong point. After 20 seconds of piercing, she could stand up and briefly move around. The second day, she went to hospital to take X-ray, and it was shown that her second lumber vertebrae had a fracture---this kind of situation would be extremely painful if she was not treated by acupuncture first.

From then on, I started to have more and more “one point and heal” in practice. Although I was still somehow not so confident, I started to experience and learn more intriguing facts and fascinating methods of acupuncture. I made up my mind to study and master the “one point and heal” technique for the rest of my life.





针灸是能量治疗,有时是用现代医学很难解释的。后来,我就去深圳当医生,有一天一位漂亮的女孩经过医院同事介绍来找我看病。等她的病好后,我们几个朋友一起吃饭时,她接到她阿姨的电话,说在家里跌倒,起不来。她很急切的请我去帮忙,我也只好跟她去了。到她家时,她阿姨在家里的椅子上坐着一动也不动,表情痛苦。我简单检查一下后,在她人中穴下针,行针二十秒之后,让她起身活动, 她已经基本恢复活动能力了。第二天,她自己去医院拍片检查,结果是第二腰椎压缩骨折。——这样的急症,如果当时不用针灸镇痛的话,病人还会白白承受更多的痛苦。


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