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Doctor Yu’s Clinic Notes I: Seasonal Illness of the Fall | 于博士行医手记(一)| 秋季的季节病

Now the summer has gone and half of the fall has passed. The weather is becoming colder day by day. The children have got busy for school after the summer break. The two doctors in our clinic are also getting so busy that there is hardly time to answer the patients’ phone calls for appointments. The fall season is a season of climate change, and many people catch the seasonal illness such as asthma, hypochondria, rheumatic diseases, even heart diseases.

Since about a month ago, our clinic started to have more and more hard cases. For example, there was a 98-year-old patient Neil, who came to me again because of the serious pain all over her body that made her unable to sleep. She has been here many times before, but this time was the most painful so far. I also observed that she had early symptoms of panic disorder, bipolar disorder, and memory loss. The pain points on her back were unidentifiable, but there were swellings at T7-T10. For her pain, my diagnosis was the same as before---osteoporosis, with possibly slight fracture of bones.

Seeing an old lady of her age suffering was really bad, therefore I tried to sooth her up. She has enough confidence on me, and she calmed down shortly. Then I took needles and started treatment on her hands. I pierced needles and asked her to move around. After a while the pain started to be released, and smile came back on her face. She was able to get down with her back up, and I pierced the “Jia Ji” points on her back for 10 minutes, with stroke piercing technique using the plum flower needle, plus fire cupping. The treatment lasted 30 minutes, and finally Neil said to me with a big smile : “ I knew you can help me!”

There was a very special asthma patient. I am not an expert in treating asthma, but I accepted him. Why? First, there is no division of branches in traditional chinese medicine; second, in TCM, asthma is associated with the “kidney”, and all the studies and practice I have done are related to the “kidney”; third, recently I have gained more knowledge and confidence in treating the acupuncture points associated with the “kidney”.

The symptom of this patient’s asthma was first loud noise when breathe, and his symptom usually became worse after 5pm every day. He went to some other TCM doctors. After their treatment, his symptom appeared more of short of breath---there was no noise breathing, but he started to feel something blocking his lung that he could not breathe in easily. The puffer had become useless to him too. He almost called emergency several times, and his family doctor did not know what to do. Besides asthma, he also had these symptoms: excessive sweating of the hands and feet, easy to sweat, yellowish skin color on the face, back pain, few and sticky sputum, over acting of the tongue channel, and “cun” channel, and weak “chi” channel. I diagnosed him as lack of “qi” in lung and kidney.

Considering his overall situation, I concentrated his acupuncture on the “kongzui”, “guiji”, “qihai”, and “danzhong” acupuncture points. I also combined acupuncture with herbs: I used needles with stroke piercing technique on his back from T1-T12, and let him take zhibaiduhuangwan and jinguishenqiwan mixed at 2:1 ratio, plus several walnuts. The patient waited urgently for four days, and finally on the fifth day his symptoms almost disappeared. The sweating in the center of his hands and bottom of his feet were greatly reduced too. Currently, I am giving him herbs aiming to solve the problem completely.

Recently many hair loss patients visited us too. Among them, there were two 60 years old Caucasian ladies: L.F. and D.T.. They both suffered from a weak kidney, and had obvious symptom of cold hands and feet. One of them only had 56% of the kidney function. Their hair loss condition is therefore definitely related to their kidney condition. Because of this, I also included treatment for the kidneys in their treatment. Now L.F.’s hair loss has already decreased, from around 360 hairs per day to only 70 hairs per day, and D.T.’s hands and feet coldness has become better too. Hopefully they will have more positive results soon.

My friend Michael who is also a TCM doctor introduced another patient to me. This patient recovered from a stroke, but the stroke left him double vision on both eyes and exotropia on the left eye. I carefully treated him, and after four sessions, his conditions also became much better---the double vision was almost fixed so that he did not need to wear eye pad on his left eye, and the disoriented left eye has become better too. I used treatment of three-eye-needle,and deep piercing jing ming on him.

There are more interesting cases. I will tell you more next time.




我尽量安抚病人,她很信任我,过了几分钟她就开始恢复平静了。我开始在她手上施针,并让她略微活动了几下,几分钟后疼痛减轻了一些,她再次露出了可爱的笑容,可以趴下去了。然后我又在她背部用针取夹脊穴10分钟,梅花针叩刺,加火罐。病人在经历30分钟的治疗后,面露笑容对我说:“我就知道你能帮助我(I knew you can help me)!”






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