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Golf Related Injuries III: Hand, Wrist, and Elbow | 高尔夫运动损伤系列之三:手、腕、肘的损伤

Injuries to the arm: hand, wrist and elbow are very common among golf players of all levels. Swinging a golf club is a complicated movement that involves many parts of the body moving together. The more complicated one thing is, the more likely it can have problems. Thus golf related injuries may happen due to various reasons including bad technique, swinging too hard, or simply accidentally hitting the ground very hard whiletrying to hit the ball.

Here are some common injuries:

• Wrist injury and wrist ligament injury: these will cause wrist pain and causing the noise while rotating the wrist; • Wrist myotenositis : this usually happens on the leading hand (if you are right handed, then it is your left hand; if you are left handed then it is your right hand); • Golf Elbow: a.k.a. internal humeral epicondylitis, is also a kind of painful myotenositis on the inside of the elbow. It is caused by over extension of wrist muscle. However, tennis elbow---external humeral epicondylitis is more common among golfers. • Carpal bones fracture: this is caused by accidently hitting the ground with much the club. If the hit is hard enough, the carpal bones inside the wrist may break. Pain is usually felt at the base of wrist; • Palm blood vessel damage: this is caused by the handle of the club pressing against the palm in swings and hits. The symptoms are red and swollen palm, and pain in the palm caused by blood circulation disturbance to the fingers as a result.

These are most common golf injuries, and here are how to deal with them: • Stop playing golf immediately; • Immediately apply ice pad for 24 to 48 hours; • Ask an experienced acupuncturist for treatment, not necessarily after applying ice pad; • Take treatment and wait at least one week before going back to play.

One can minimize the damage of golf related injuries if he strictly follows these instructions. However, the best way to minimize the damage is to train properly, and to have an acupuncture doctor ready to help you at any time.




• 腕部损伤及韧带损伤:可以引起腕部疼痛及腕部活动发出响声; • 腕部肌腱炎:常出现在领杆的一侧手(右手杆的球手左手痛,左手杆的球手右手痛); • 高尔夫肘:即肘内上髁炎,也是一种肘内侧疼痛较强的肌腱炎。主要是由腕屈肌群的过度牵拉引起;在高球手中,网球肘更多见一些; • 钩骨骨折:主要是挥杆击球时,球杆的反作用力作用在钩骨的钩部而引起。它主要的疼痛位于手腕的根部; • 手掌血管损伤:这主要由于挥杆的手掌不断受到冲击而引起手掌部位的血管破裂,导致手掌疼痛及手指血液循环受阻,而导致发红,发紫,肿胀。



• 立即停止打球; • 冰敷24-48小时; • 找一名有经验的针灸医师进行治疗,不用等到冰敷以后; • 症状消失一周后,才可以逐渐恢复运动。

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