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Part IV: Why You Should Have A Family Acupuncture Doctor? | 【于博士文章系列】为什么要去看针灸医生(四)?

Why do you need a family acupuncture doctor? So far, this topic has been covered several times, yet each time I feel there are more things to be added. Almost everyone has his own family doctor, who provides long term medical service to every member of the family. Family doctor is a widely respected occupation, and they are often referred to as “my doctor”. Recently, some people start to use “my acupuncture doctor” too. This simple phrase means two things: 1. “my acupuncture doctor” is providing long term service; 2. the service is effective.

I still remember one phone call that I got when I started 11 years ago. The patient said that she had been suffering from very serious sciatica. It was so painful (and I could hear that from the phone) that she could hardly get off the bed, and obviously could not drive. She asked whether I could go pick her up. I went to pick her up during break time, and treated her. She got much better after the first treatment, and I did not need to go pick her up ever after. We became good friends. In the following 11 years, she came to me for all kinds of problems including headache, stomach ache, even constipation. She also called me for health consultation, and I often visited her too. Actually my treatment to her had more soothing effect than actual healing, because she always felt well physically and mentally after each treatment. I have become a kind of psychological support to her.

There is also another old patient who has even stopped seeing family doctors after seeing me since 11 years ago. Sometimes I even have to tell her to go see her family doctor.

Why did this happen? I think one answer is that acupuncture really is very effective.

Another example is one of the patients today. She and her husband, coming from South America, are visiting scholars in UBC. She came to me 9 months ago for her chronic migraine. Her symptom was like this: serious pain in the forehead and temple area, which becomes more serious before and during menstruation (which is at 28 days/6 days interval); extreme pain of the same area in the two days before menstruation; blood volume is higher than normal and the color is dark. She had a son 12 years ago, and after that she could not get pregnant for 12 years. She came to see me for the headache only, and she had no hope for another baby. To her surprise, the headache disappeared after three sessions. After six sessions (from Dec 15 to Dec 31, 2014), she stopped taking further treatment, and I had not seen her since then. Today she came to the clinic, and the first thing I noticed was her belly. The couple happily told me that her headache got much better, and she even got pregnant. She was pregnant for 37 weeks, and the delivery was expected on October 17. She wanted to have some treatment to be ready for the delivery.

My dear friends, as a doctor I am very proud to be someone who can sustain health for more and more people. Now I think most of you understand the meaning of a family acupuncture doctor: as the family doctor, a family acupuncture doctor can provide you and your family long-term, reliable, and extremely effective medical service. Do you have one already? If you are still looking, I believe my knowledge and experience can provide you the best acupuncture treatment and related service in Vancouver.


为什么要有一个家庭针灸师呢?似乎这个话题已经讲过数次。但每次过后,我又觉得不够完善。在北美,基本每个人都会有自己的家庭医师,他们为每个家庭成员提供长期医疗服务。因此人们经常把my doctor放在嘴边,从而可以看到人们对医生的尊重。但现在已经有越来越多的人们把my acupuncture doctor 放在嘴边了,这个简单的词里有两层含义:一是“my acupuncture doctor”正在提供一个长期服务,二是这个服务是有效的。



为什么会这样呢?我想,一个肯定的答案就是针灸是非常有效的 。

今天就有一个案例,一个病人和她的丈夫来自南美,目前在著名的UBC大学做研究。她九个月前因多年的偏头痛来看我,病状是这样的:前头及太阳部分头痛,在月经前和月经中间加重,月经28天/6天。强烈疼痛在月经前两天,颜色暗,血量大,同时病人在12年前生下一子后,之后12年来不能再怀孕。针灸治疗三次后头痛就基本消失了,在治疗六次后(从2014 年12月15日至31日)病人就停止了治疗。今天她来诊所,一见面就看到她高耸的肚子。他和她的丈夫非常开心,说治疗后已经基本没有头痛了,并且迅速怀孕,已经37周了,下月17日是预产期,她想来调节一下身体以顺利生产。每当我看到越来越多的病人把我作为一个可靠的健康维护者,内心就会感到作为医生的自豪。写到这里,我想有的人就已经明白了家庭针灸医师的含义了:家庭针灸医师就同家庭医生一样是一个可以信赖的,可以提供长期、有效、可靠的医疗服务专业人士,那么你已经有你的家庭针灸医师了吗?

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