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Part III: Why You Should Have A Family Acupuncture Doctor? | 【于博士文章系列】为什么要去看针灸医生(三)?

“No condition is untreatable, but only there may be undiscovered ways.”

This is a sentence from Ling Shu, the oldest book of acupuncture. There are four ways that all traditional Chinese doctors use to diagnose: observing, listening, asking, and feeling the pulse. The acupuncturists have one additional way to enhance the accuracy of diagnose and help finding out the nature of the condition: observe and checking the acupoints and related meridians.

Whenever there are any problems in your body, there will be some “tenderness acupoints” on your body. For example, if your stomach or intestine is having problems, we acupuncturists will check the acupoints on the outside of your shank which are usually painful if pressed. These points will usually be the acupoints that we pierce the needles too. If these acupoints and areas of skin are on the meridians that connect to different organs, we can usually find out which organ is having the problem---it works similar to acupressure foot massage. However we acupuncturists can tell more accurately by the meridian system.

There is an elderly Asian lady who is known by everyone in my clinic. She lives alone and she has been seeing me for many years. She often suffers from back pain, stomach pain, diarrhea, hematochezia, and even gangrene due to her weakness. She always comes to me instead of visiting a family doctor. She sees me as a general practitioner. Whenever she has diarrhea or stomach pain, either caused by pressure, diet, or living environment, I can find some tenderness acupoints (the positive reaction points) on her calf or hipbone. I treat these points with acupuncture, and it produces an instant result. Even her hematochezia problem is usually solved with one or two treatments.

Several days ago a patient who has been having neck pain and restricted neck movement came to our clinic. When checking him, I found a tenderness acupoint—Shu Gu point on the bladder meridian. Therefore I pierced one needle at the point, and asked him to move his neck. He moved, and surprisingly found that his pain has gone and he can move more immediately.

There are many other conditions such as shingles, pink eye, various headache, toothache, acute or chronic back pain, heart problems, depression, infertility, and hair loss etc., that are usually hard for family doctors to solve. However we acupuncturists can deal with them easily.

As an acupuncturist with 25 years of experience, I always gasp in admiration at the great wisdom the ancient Chinese doctors had. Acupuncture is one of the oldest medical practices, and how did they find out such a profound theory? How did they figure out piercing these points could relieve pain and heal diseases? All these seem to be a mystery. As an acupuncturist, I know that all conditions have their causes and origins which are all relate to the Meridian system-- the channels that transfer the energy and information throughout every part of the body. Just like the roads system of a city, the vehicles on the roads need to run in an organized way. If a car runs too fast, too slow, or is running in a wrong direction, accidents and disorder will happen. To solve the problem, a policeman needs to show up, cleaning up the site, and reset the traffic. We acupuncturists are like the policeman, helping the energy channel running smoothly so that your health can be restored.

My dear friend, do you have a family acupuncturist? If not, you should start looking for one today. We are sure we can be your best choice in Metro Vancouver.





几天前,有一位因颈痛而活动受限一周的病人来求治。在检查时我发现他的足太阳膀胱经络上的束骨穴有压痛,于是给予一针束骨穴,同时嘱咐他活动颈部,病人惊奇地发现颈部疼痛迅速消失,活动范围迅速扩大。 很多其他病变如带状疱疹、红眼病、头痛、牙痛、急慢性腰痛、心脏病、忧郁症、不孕症、脱发症等等包罗万象的问题,往往家庭医生束手无策的时候,针灸却可以大显其手。



那么现在,你已经有一个家庭针灸师了吗? 没有的话,那就去找一个吧。

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