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Part II: Why You Should Have A Family Acupuncture Doctor? | 【于博士文章系列】为什么要去看针灸医生(二)?

In the last article I listed out several examples of acupuncture fixing various problems. Have you ever thought acupuncture can deal with bacteria? The answer is yes.

I have a female patient for eleven years. She have come to my clinic for various problems, such as stomach pain, back pain, face puffiness, and anxiety. We eventually became very good friends.

Recently, she came to seek for treatment of vaginitis. Before she came to me, she was already on antibiotics for a while. She had tried several kinds of antibiotics. Every time she changed the antibiotic, the problem would become better for several days, and then came back again. The syndromes were typical of vaginitis: discharge, itching, burning, frequent urinating and back pain. She also told me she have had nephritis three months ago. I checked out her tongue and I found out her tongue appeared pink, and the coating of the tongue appeared white and thick. I checked her pulse, and her pulse felt “slippery”---which is a sign of inflammation.

After knowing her conditions, I proceeded to treatment. According to the TDM theory of the liver jing passes through vaginal area, I used needles on her li gou, guan yuan, qu gu, yin ling quan, tai chong, ci liao points. She felt better after first treatment. The second treatment was the same as the first time, and I gave her some extra herbal medicine to wash the infected area. She was very excited when she came to my clinic the third time. She said: “Thank you! This is amazing! I was so depressed before I came to you, and now all the syndromes have completely gone.”

She was very surprised acupuncture can treat bacterial infection like vaginitis and asked me why. I told this is because acupuncture does not kill bacteria directly, but changes the environment that the bacteria live to that they cannot survive. Antibiotics can kill bacteria very effectively but they cannot change the environment so the bacteria may regrow every time, especially when the body’s defense is weak---this is very common among women who suffer from chronic vaginitis and urinary tract infection. Acupuncture changes the environment, like cleaning up a house, and opening the window to let fresh air in. At the same time acupuncture can strengthen the body’s defense. This is why acupuncture can heal bacterial related problems.

Do you think this is amazing? Actually such things happen every day in our clinic---and this is why you need acupuncture.







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