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Acupuncture in Action: Healing a Hornet Sting | 【真实病例】再次见证针灸奇迹,针刺治愈马蜂蛰伤

Recently I had a chance to experiment acupuncture on a new level: treating a hornet sting. It was a very valuable experience.

On July 6, when the air became better after the great forest fire, I got on a plane to salt spring island. The flight was only 30 minutes, and the sight was so serene. It is the most enjoyable thing, in my opinion, to sit on the terrace near the dock and have a bowl of soup.

This time I flew there to meet a patient, Mr. L. I have known his family for years and have treated the whole family. There are currently two patients in the family, one has hay fever, and the other one has neck and blood pressure problems. I have been treating these two for a while, and they are getting better.

When I was packing up after the session was completed, Mr. L rushed in in a hurry, and told me his wife Mrs. L was stung by hornets. He asked me was there anything I can do.

Mr. L’s house was close to a wild forests, therefore hornets sometimes would visit his house---last year their son was stung, and he had to be sent to emergency in hospital.

I said yes, but as a doctor, I was cautiously excited. I had never dealt with hornet sting before. The closest I had tried was mosquito and other insects’ bites.

When I saw Mrs. L, she was in pain. She was stung in three places: one was on left upper arm, a long (about 15cm) and white color swelling; one was on left shoulder, a stung about 5mm in diameter; and a similar 5mm stung on right shoulder. The first thing I thought was blood-letting, which reminded me an report of treating burned injury with acupuncture. Therefore I swiftly pierced the stung part with thin needle to let the blood out---and there were large amount of yellow fluids came out. The two smaller stung did not have swelling after stung, but the big stung swelled. I judged that the swelling was caused by too much fluid pressure in the already swelled place, then I pierced several other places along the “jing” of acupuncture that can stop the fluid from being pressed to other places. At this time the patient started to fell dizzy. She told me she had previously felt the same after hornet sting, therefore I could not know whether she feeling dizzy was a result of the acupuncture treatment or not. After the treatment, she felt very tired, so I told her to take some rest, and l left.

Eight days later, I went to the island for their usual sessions. When I walked in their house, I saw Mrs. L was cooking. I asked her about the result, and she told me: “Amazing, Doctor Yu! You gave me an amazing treatment! 2 hours after your treatment all syndromes disappeared.” She also told me that her son got a stung too that week, and he had to take medicine for two days.

The potential application of acupuncture is truly abundant. Even as someone with more than 25 years of experience, this time I still learnt something new.


2015 July 6,星期二,温哥华因大火森林大火引起的雾霾,终于开始明显减轻了,但天空还是灰蒙蒙的,已经没有灰的味道,视野也明显好转,温哥华蓝马上就会回来了!同往常一样的时间11:30登上了往Salt Spring岛的飞机准备出诊,只花了30分钟就到了岛上。一路上依然是风景如画,带上耳机,静静地看书。每次坐飞机出诊心情都很好,小岛非常安静,码头周围有几个环境优雅的art gallery,还有一个cafe,紧临大海,坐在露台上喝一碗浓汤基本是我每次来岛上的一个期待。我的病人在岛上接我到他家里,共有两个病人,一个患了严重的花粉过敏,另外一个多年的颈椎病/血压都不太稳定。整个家庭的成员我都很熟悉,太太以前也是我的病人,三个孩子我也看过,其中一个男孩因消化道问题还在吃中药过程中,令人欣慰的是目前这2位病人的病情都在明显好转中。



之后我就离开了岛上,飞回温哥华。隔周的周二July 14,我又按约来到了岛上,一路上有点忐忑,不知疗效如何!来到病人家里,女主人在准备午餐,特意在韩国邻居家买了三文鱼。在给她丈夫治疗后,我就大胆地问她上次的疗效,她就说道:”Amazing, Doctor Yu! You gave me an amazing treatment! 2 hours after your treatment all syndromes disappeared. “我走了之后,他的儿子在胳膊上又遭到蛰伤,整个胳膊肿胀,因此不得不服用药物2天。天啊,那次治疗真的有效且作用快,一次痊愈,再次证明,针灸可以有奇迹出现,Acupuncture is miracle!


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