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6 Ways to Check If You Have Spine Problem | 脊椎疾病趋年轻化 6招自测是否疾病缠身

Nowadays, more and more people are experiencing spine problems at earlier age. Due to wide spread of computers and smart phones, more and more people are not having good posture for long time every day. Now more than half of herniated discs and other neck problems are happening to teachers, office workers, drivers, and students. Sometimes we even see teenagers with these problems.

Herniated discs, A.K.A. lower back pain, is a medical condition affecting the spine in which a tear in the outer, fibrous ring of an intervertebral disc allows the soft, central portion (to bulge out beyond the damaged outer rings. The most common cause of this condition is bad posture in sitting and standing, long period sitting and standing, or lifting heavy objects without proper spine position etc.

【Your spine maybe in trouble if you】 1. feeling not so uncomfortable taking deep breath; 2. cannot turn or rotate your body easily and to the same angle on both side; 3. can hear cracking sound when you move your neck and back; 4. have different worn out pattern on the bottom of your two shoes; 5. walking with the tip of your feet outwards; 6. are suddenly experiencing high blood pressure, fast heart bit and stomach problem which you do not usually experience.

【Tips for a Healthier Spine】 • If your job involves sitting all day long: taking breaks, relax, stand up and walk around. • If you need to drive for long time: try to use some lower back support. • If you need to work in front of a computer: place the screen on a position that you can look at it horizontally without tilting your head. Also try to type without looking at the keyboard.





  1. 不能完成十分舒适的深长呼吸。

  2. 身体不能向两侧轻松地扭动或者旋转相同的角度,运动的范围减少。

  3. 颈部、背部或更多的关节在活动的时候发出爆裂“嘎巴嘎巴”的声音。

  4. 鞋跟常被磨得高低不平。

  5. 行走的时候脚尖向外展开。

  6. 最近莫名其妙血压升高、心跳加快或者从来没有的胃病发作。


  • 长期伏案工作者:在伏案工作一段时间后,起身走动放松一下。

  • 长期开车久坐者:在腰部使用腰靠,把腰底部靠实,软硬适度。

  • 长期面对电脑者:将显示器或电脑垫高,眼睛平视,采用盲打。

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