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Hair loss problem? Chronic back pain and neck pain? Dr. Yu can solve your problem with a tiny needle, and it does not hurt at all!

Yep, just a tiny needle, much smaller than any tooth pick.

Wait, who is Dr. Yu?

A Brief Bio of Dr. Yu: • registered Acupuncturist of CTCMA, Master of Acupuncture, Ph.D. of Orthopedics and Traumatology; • finished Ph.D. of Orthopedics and Traumatology with Acupuncture at Hubei University of Chinese Medicine in China; • finished Master of Acupuncture at Changchun University of Chinese Medicine in China; • 25 years of clinical experience; • current member of Administrative Committee of ATCMA; • founder and head of Administrative Committee of CACRA; • Has been: • Director of Academic Committee of ATCMA • Director of CSCMA • Member of Education Committee of CTCMA • Conference Speaker and Instructor of many chinese medicine academies in Vancouver.

That is a decent record of a Doctor, right?

Well, all the titles are not so important, compare to what Dr.Yu can do for you.

Here are the two things he is VERY GOOD at: 1. Relief back pain, neck pain, Sciatica (buttock pain and lower back pain), headache, and deal with digestive system problems; 2. Deal with all kinds of hair loss problem, and help the regrowth of hair.

Besides these, he is also good at dealing with: rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, soft tissue injury, nerve pain, frozen shoulder, insomnia, facial paralysis, depression, stroke, weight loss, immunodeficiency, eczema, quit smoking, and pimple.

You see, he is a very capable doctor. So do not hesitate to contact him if you have the above mentioned problems, especially if you are suffering from hair loss and back/neck pain.

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  • 于博士,加拿大BC省中医针灸管理局注册医师,针灸学硕士,骨伤科博士。

  • 湖北省中医药大学:针灸学骨伤科博士学位

  • 长春中医药大学:针灸硕士学位

  • 25年临床经验

  • BC省中医针灸师公会ATCMA:理事会理事

  • 加拿大中医抗癌协会:创会人及理事总监

  • 曾经担任:

  • BC省注册中医师公会学术委员会主席

  • 加拿大中医药针灸总会主席

  • 中医项目咨询委员会委员

  • BC省中医管理局教育委员会委员

  • 多家温哥华中医学院导师及学术会议主讲嘉宾




1. 治疗颈背腰痛、坐骨神经痛、消化系统以及头痛等相关问题

2. 治疗各种脱发和促进脱发后再生









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