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Formula 1.jpg

Doctor Yu’s Formula Pro Hair I

Healing hair loss caused by stress.Stop Hair Falling and Regrow

$258 CAD


Doctor Yu’s Formula Magic ProHair Tincture

Designed for alopecia & all kinds Hair loss.Promote rapid hair regrowth and strengthen your hair.

$35 CAD

Formula 2.jpg

Doctor Yu’s Formula Pro Hair II

For people who suffer from slow hair growth and weak hair quality. 

$258 CAD


Back and Sciatica Fix

Restore the self Healing energy for all kind of back pain& Sciatica, Arthritis.Effectively heal the pains caused by Sciatica, Arthritis diseases.

$105 CAD

Formula 3.jpg

Doctor Yu’s Formula Pro Hair III

For hair loss triggered by excessive oily scalp.Stop oily Hair loss & Regrow

$258 CAD

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