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Vancouver Dr.Yu's Acupuncture Clinic


Tui-Na Massage

Since 2007 we have successfully trained 25 individuals in Tui-Na Massage. Courses are scheduled throughout the year, based on class size and the participants' availability.


Duration: 10 sessions; each session is 3 hours long.


Basic Traditional Chinese Medicine theory;
Overview of the most important acupuncture points;
Detailed presentation of Tui-Na massage techniques;


Learning Target:
At the end of the course, participants will be able to apply basic Tui-Na massage skills on themselves and their family;
Upon course completion, the participants will be able to find a job as massage assistants in an acupuncture clinic or massage/relaxation centre;


Instruction Fee:
Chinese Class: $1180/person (fee includes training, instruction materials and certification); Minimum 4 people required.
English Class: $1680/person (fee includes training, instruction materials and certification); Minimum 2 people required.


Internship/Observational Learning for medical students

Internship or Observational Learning program is also available for medical students or those who would like to get more experience in acupuncture techniques and Chinese medicine practice.


The instructors are prominent acupuncturists from Vancouver who are versed in teaching traditional Chinese medicine.


The internship fee is 30$/hour.


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